Thinkific is an intact learning management system that thinks like clients to match their curriculum needs. This robust platform makes knowledge sharing easier. In doing so, Thinkific LMS helps clients score more business by gaining more audience. The system works best for small or large learning platforms. 

Whether it's 20 students or 20 million students, it works wonders turning experience into good sales and building vibrant communities. Thinkific software helps create, manage, and sell courses with a competitive margin. In addition, it nurtures a smooth learning environment using services like live lessons, drip scheduling, community spaces, and more. 

Thinkific Features

Course Creation

This process is actually fun with Thinkific LMS. The course creation process of this LMS is known for its intuitive assignment engine. Adding to it, it is loaded with amazing specs like changing default course settings, course backups, a built-in authoring tool, and drag-and-drop interactions. All this is followed by learning paths; the curriculums. 


Thinkific not just focuses on creating courses but also plays a salient role in marketing them. The software helps build impressive websites to market courses. These websites act as storefronts; one doesn't need to master coding skills to build one. TIt is because Thinkific comes with in-built templates and themes that are fully configurable and sound just like the course creators.

Student Certificates 

Students need the incentive to complete courses engagingly and with dedication. Reviews illustrate that Thinkific works on this aspect with its flawless certificate management service. The top performers are awarded awards, and all students are awarded certificates. Thinkific LMS manages certificate life cycles and creates intuitive certificates specific to all courses.

Retaining Leads

Thinkific software excels at retaining potential students by giving them what they seek. It nurtures safe and friendly learning spaces by featuring host discussions etc. Students are empowered to leave their reactions on the thread. Profile pics are uploaded for all so the students can better interact with all community members. Also, dynamic workshops are held for a synchronous learning experience. 

Thinkific Pricing

Thinkific provides four pricing bundles with up to 25% discount on annual subscriptions. Excluding the free pricing plan, the cost range of Thinkific goes from $74 to $347 per month.  

Thinkific Demo

One can get to know Thinkific better by using its demo. Thinkific demo presents how it scores leads, generates more revenue, and trains employees and customers.  

Thinkific Reviews

Thinkific reviews depict that the vendor monetizes memberships by retaining students through its engaging presentation skills. It is a scalable platform that helps businesses proliferate, keeping everything simple. It is also mentioned in the reviews that the Thinkific solution provides users with complete control over their content. They can better manage courses without missing a beat.  

Our Thoughts

Thinkific thinks like course creators and thus creates masterpieces. The software addresses the particular audience by drafting courses that suit their needs. Thinkfic software believes in putting forth long-lasting, consistent, effective, and sustainable education courses blowing viewers’ minds. The cherry on top is that Thinkific impacts the student’s entire journey by offering them the level and quality of support they desire.

Thinkific Pricing

Small Organization

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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Thinkific reviews

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