What Is Thrive?


Thrive learning management software (LMS) is an innovative and user-friendly platform that helps create and deliver online courses or training programs. Thrive aims to help organizations and educational institutions achieve their learning and development goals with an engaging learning experience.  

The LMS offers features such as course catalog, interactive course content, personalized learning paths, customized branding, reporting, and gamification. 

What Is Thrive Best For?

Thrive software is best known for combining the advantages of an LMS with a personalized learning experience platform (LXP). Hence, businesses can use learner-led software for their employees' training. Thrive is also known for covering many features, from onboarding and training to compliance management. 

Thrive Pricing

The vendor offers the following plans: 

  • Pricing starts at $30,000 for up to 500 users 
  • $700,000 as the number of users reaches 100,000  

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Thrive Integrations

Thrive can integrate with various software applications across various departments, including content, communications, customer relationship management, and human resources.  

A few featured Thrive integrations include: 

  • HubSpot 
  • Salesforce 
  • Power BI 
  • Airtable 
  • Zendesk 

How Does Thrive Work?

Follow these basic steps to start using Thrive after installation: 

  • Log in by entering your username and password 
  • Explore the dashboard, which provides an overview of your team's courses, progress, and notifications  
  • Familiarize yourself with the layout and features available on the dashboard 
  • Click the "Courses" or "Catalog" tab to explore the available courses and training programs 
  • Filter your search by category, skill level, duration, or other criteria. You can also upload existing course content 
  • Create user accounts for your team members. Click the "Users" or "Teams" tab and add new users 
  • Enter their basic information, such as name, email, and role, then assign the relevant courses to them 
  • Select the user(s) you want to assign courses to in the "Assignments" tab 
  • As your team members complete courses, view their tracked progress on the dashboard 
  • Identify areas where your team may need additional support or guidance 
  • Generate reports to improve your training and tailor your approach accordingly 

Contact Software Finder support for more assistance. Or "Watch Demo" to schedule a Thrive demo and learn more about the software's functionality. 

Who Is Thrive For?

Thrive is a versatile and flexible learning management system suitable for various individuals and organizations.  

The platform supports learning across various industries, including the following: 

  • Business 
  • Healthcare 
  • Education 
  • Personal development 

Organizations of all sizes can use the software, including small businesses, large corporations, educational institutions, and training providers.  

Thrive Features

Thrive offers the following core features: 

Course Catalog

Thrive features a comprehensive course catalog that covers a wide range of topics and skills. This allows organizations to provide training that matches users’ career goals and interests. 

Interactive Course Content

Thive includes interactive content such as video lectures, quizzes, and assessments. This helps learners stay engaged and retain information more effectively. 

Personalized Learning Paths

The software enables employees to create personalized learning paths based on their preferences. This helps them cover course material at their own pace, focusing on topics that matter the most. 

Flexible Learning Options

With Thrive, learners can access modules from anywhere, anytime, using any device. This provides flexibility and convenience for the busy schedules of modern learners. 


The platform includes gamification elements such as badges and certificates, motivating learners and recognizing their achievements. They also keep learners engaged and invested in learning. 

Collaborative Learning

Thrive learning management offers collaborative learning tools such as discussion forums and group assignments. This encourages learners to work together, share knowledge, and build relationships. 

Customizable Branding

Customizable branding options allow organizations to add logos, colors, and other branding elements. This way, businesses can create a consistent and professional learning environment that aligns with their organization's brand identity. 

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Thrive LMS provides detailed reporting and analytics, which help organizations track learner progress, identify knowledge gaps, and measure the overall effectiveness of their training programs. 

Hence, organizations can refine course offerings, adjust training strategies, and ensure their teams acquire the necessary skills and knowledge. 

Is Thrive Right For You?

Thrive learning management system offers businesses various tools to simplify onboarding, improve employee skills, and track learner progress. The software reduces administrative burdens and also supports remote workers.  

Over 180 business organizations around the globe use Thrive. A few featured customers include Financial Times, CommScope, and Sysco. Thrive software is an effective solution for professional development that drives better organizational results.  

Read Thrive reviews to find out what existing users say about the software.

Thrive Pricing Plans Breakdown

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Thrive Features




Activity Dashboard


Asynchronous Learning


Activity Tracking




Access Controls/Permissions


Applicant Tracking


Attendance Tracking


Collaboration Tools


Document Management


Learning & Development


Recruitment Management


Training Management


eLearning Companies


Certification & Licensing


Built-in LMS


Learner Portal


  • Scalability
  • Customizable
  • API access availability
  • Mobile support


  • Multi-language support not available
  • Limited documentation on how to use the features

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does THRIVE offer an API?

Yes, THRIVE offers an API.

Does THRIVE support mobile devices?

It is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

What language does THRIVE support?

THRIVE supports English.

What other apps does THRIVE integrate with?

THRIVE can connect with various software applications related to content, communication, data, technology, customer relationship management, human resources, and organization functions. Some prominent integrations THRIVE offers are HubSpot, Salesforce, Power BI, Airtable, and Zendesk.

What types of pricing plans does THRIVE offer?

The starting price for THRIVE is $30,000, covering up to 500 users. The price increases to $700,000 as the number of users goes up to 100,000.

Who are the typical users of THRIVE?

Small to large organizations in a wide range of industries can use THRIVE.

Thrive Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

Thrive reviews

Overall Rating

3 Reviews


This learning platform is excellent as it combines the features of a Learning Management System (LMS) and a Learning Experience Platform (LXP).

September 2022


Law Practice

Some benefits of using AI include receiving recommendations, having an easy to use interface, and regularly experiencing improvements in functionality and new features added.
The current reporting system is standard, but it will be upgraded in the upcoming months to provide better functionality.

Good support team

August 2022


Real Estate

This product has user-friendly end points for ease of use, a supportive team for assistance, and effective account management.
To improve my experience, I am requesting for enhanced flexibility in the layout, better search engine, and tagging.

Good customer service

August 2022


Facilities Services

I appreciate that the platform allows for a customized homepage with tiles tailored to different target audiences. Additionally, the platform offers a convenient single sign-on feature that simplifies the log-in process for users.
The platforms reporting and login page requires updating to facilitate the exportation of all information and to simplify the sign-in procedure for users without SSO.

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Call us at

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