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NetSuite OpenAir is a complete project management suite that includes an application collection to support every stage and task in the project lifecycle. The solution facilitates businesses that offer professional services, and the platform provides the ability to manage projects, resources, timesheets and expenses from a single window. NetSuite OpenAir is a SaaS and is optimized for mobile users as well. 

It includes additional features specifically designed for billing, invoicing, project accounting and analytics. These tools help users streamline their operations and set up all tasks in order. NetSuite OpenAir is web-based and users can synchronize it with their existing systems. It integrates seamlessly with all front-end and back-end office applications.  

NetSuite OpenAir is a solution that targets professional service providers from all industries but it is most suitable for large organizations with 500 or more users. Smaller companies will be more suited for the Services Resource Planning tool. It has similar features and has been developed to facilitate low-level businesses and tight-knit teams. NetSuite has a collection of project management solutions and it is employed by over 1,500 professional organizations of varying sizes all over the world. 

NetSuite OpenAir Pricing: NetSuite offers OpenAir packages starting at $399 per month and they offer Enterprise Solutions as well which includes resource planning functions. There is no free version of this software available and users cannot avail a free trial either. Prospective buyers may request a demonstration if they want to see the platform in person. 

NetSuite OpenAir Project Management Pros: OpenAir the best resource for project accounting and it can make tracking expenses a lot simpler. Managers also find it very useful when it comes to monitoring timesheets and following the status of each task. It automates many menial activities and gives employees the freedom to focus on creative outputs. 

NetSuite OpenAir Project Management Cons: Smaller companies find it difficult to use the resource management tool because there are fewer users. Some features included in the software are technical and it takes time to figure them out. The videos and guides included with the tool are not sufficient for understanding complex tasks.  

Highlight Features 

Cloud-Based Solution: NetSuite is a cloud-based solution and all user data is safely backed up in virtual servers. It is a web platform so users can access their accounts from any device or browser. Project managers also have the freedom to move and take their work with them wherever they go. 

Visual Presentation: The dashboard has a complete overview of the project and viewers can see the relevant data all in one place. The information is presented through graphs, tables and charts that are easy to read. Managers can monitor KPIs and other metrics with just a glance. 

Built-in Templates: NetSuite comes with many templates for analytics and generating progress reports. There are customization options and users can change the settings to see only the data they are interested in. These reports help managers track deliverables and task efficiency. They can share them with stakeholders and use the data for professional presentations.  

Detailed Timesheets: The time tracking feature helps managers track user activities and project status. The timesheets are updated automatically and show individual users as well as teams working on the same project. Users can move between tasks and manage their time so they deliver their work before the due date. 

Resource Coordination: The software makes it possible for businesses to coordinate their resources between multiple users, locations, and teams. There is no longer a need to maintain an Excel sheet or use an additional tool to allocate resources for the project.

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