What is Fingercheck?


Fingercheck software simplifies the complexities of payroll, scheduling, time tracking, benefits, and hiring for small business owners. It is a user-friendly, automated system that can be tailored to suit your requirements. 

Fingercheck is a mobile solution for businesses that calculate hourly billing to help you manage hourly employees, streamline communication, and offer affordable compliance and security for your business. 

What Is Fingercheck Known For?

Fingercheck is best known for offering a platform that makes managing hourly workers easy. Its biometric time tracking system allows employers to accurately track employee time from any location, even in remote offices. Its compliance and security features also help businesses comply with all applicable labor laws. 

Fingercheck Pricing

Fingercheck offers four plans, namely: 

  • Time & Attendance ($45/month, $5 per employee, plus $20 monthly subscription) 
  • Small Business Starter ($47/month, $8 per employee + $39 Monthly Subscription) 
  • 360 ($109/month, $10 per employee, + $59 Monthly Subscription) 
  • 360 PLUS ($159/month, $12 per employee, plus $99 monthly subscription) 

Check the pricing table below for a detailed look at the Fingercheck software cost

Fingercheck Integrations

Fingercheck can be integrated with the following software: 

  • MS Excel 
  • QuickBooks Online Advanced 

Other than that, it offers APIs that can help you with the following: 

  • Reports 
  • Pay On-Demand 
  • Sync 
  • Schedule 
  • Employees 
  • Punch 

How Does Fingercheck Work?

After signing up with Fingercheck, you can use them via their web portal or mobile app to get started. The following guide will help give you an introduction to using the software: 

  • Log in to the portal using your credentials. 
  • The dashboard gives you a general overview of your organization, like the number of employees and their roles. 
  • The Employee’s tab is where you view and manage the calendar for each employee. 
  • The Schedule option allows you to easily create and manage shifts for employees. 
  • The Time and Labor section helps you manage time tracking and labor reports. 
  • The payroll tab allows you to generate and manage payroll. 
  • The Reports tab helps you view useful reports and analysis. 

Clicking on the "Watch Demo" button will give you an in-depth Fingercheck demo. 

Who Is Fingercheck For?

The Fingercheck project management software is built for small business owners looking for a way to easily and accurately track employee time, manage payroll, and comply with labor laws. It is perfect for businesses needing a reliable and secure solution tailored to their individual needs. 

Fingercheck Features

Fingercheck offers incredibly robust features that can be categorized in the following sections: 


The payroll feature offers a range of convenient options for both employers and employees. With flexible pay schedules, employers can customize pay periods to suit their needs. "Set and forget Autopay" allows seamless payroll processing, while mobile access enables employers to run payroll from anywhere. Additionally, the payroll debit card offers employees a hassle-free way to receive their pay on-demand and Next-Day Pay allow employees to access their earnings quickly and easily. 

Employee Scheduling

Employee scheduling can be efficiently managed with the Fingercheck project management online tool, accessible from any browser or mobile device. You can add, edit, or delete work schedules with ease. Additionally, it alerts employees when a new schedule is made, or changes occur. You can also create open jobs and shifts that can be assigned later. To save time, you can copy the previous week's work schedule. Finally, it allows employees to swap shifts with each other seamlessly. 


Fingercheck allows you to create job postings and customize the required fields, direct a single URL to multiple job boards, rate applicants, hire employees online, assign different hiring leads, embed application forms into your website, get email notifications when there is an action taken on an applicant's profile, receive team comments, and make the transition to onboarding easy. 

Employee Management System

The employee management system is a comprehensive set of features that streamline various employee-related tasks. It includes the customization of employee handbooks and manuals, tracking birthdays and anniversaries, managing PTO requests and time off policies, asset management, employee reviews, document uploads and attachments, incident reporting, self-service options for employees, an online directory, license and membership renewals, and training and certificate management. With reminders and notifications, the system ensures efficient management of employee-related tasks, enabling the organization to achieve its goals. 
Along with the features mentioned above, Fingercheck also offers the following: 

  • 401(k) & Benefits 
  • Employee Onboarding 
  • Workflows 
  • Time Tracking 
  • Time Clocks 

Is a Fingercheck Right for You?

If you're looking for a streamlined, secure, and automated way to manage your business payroll, scheduling, and employee management system, Fingercheck is a great option. It offers many features that make managing hourly workers easy, while its compliance and security features help ensure you remain compliant with applicable labor laws. With relatively affordable pricing plans and mobile access, it can be the perfect solution for small businesses. 

Pricing Plans 

  • Time &
  • Small
  • 360
  • 360 PLUS
45 / month
47 / month
109 / month
159 / month
What’s included
(Time & Attendance Plan Features)
What’s included
(Small business starter Plan Features)
What’s included
(360 Plan Features)
What’s included
(360 PLUS Plan Features)
  • $20 Monthly Subscription
  • Time Clock & Time Tracker App - Advanced
  • PTO Management
  • Shift Scheduling - Standard
  • (For salary & hourly workers)
  • Customer Service - Standard
  • (Live support from HR experts.)
  • $39 Monthly Subscription
  • Customer Service – Standard (Live support from HR experts.)
  • Time Tracking and Employee Attendance: Basic
  • Automated Onboarding for New Hires: Basic
  • Unlimited Payroll Processing (no fees for extra payroll runs)
  • Tax Filing & Compliance
  • Self-Service Portal for Accountants
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance (with the option to pay as you go)
  • Pay-to-Debit-Cards
  • Pay On Demand (Real-time. Terms and conditions apply).
  • $59 Monthly Subscription
  • Everything from "Time & Attendance" and "Small Business Starter"
  • Job Posting, Applicant Tracking, and Hiring
  • Employee
  • Background Check
  • Automated Onboarding for New Hires: Advanced
  • HR Policy Management
  • Expense Tracking
  • 401(k) Integration
  • Accounting Software Integrations (QuickBooks, etc.)
  • Custom Report Builder and Template Library
  • Payroll Financing
  • Everything from 360 +
  • $99 Monthly Subscription
  • Shift Scheduling—Premium (for hourly workers)
  • Next-Day Direct Deposit (terms and conditions apply)
  • HR Workflow Automation (automated task tracking and more)
  • Benefits Administration
  • Customer Service—Premium (Dedicated Service Team)

Click Get Pricing to learn about customized Fingercheck pricing per your needs. 

Fingercheck Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Managementt


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support


  • intuitive user interface
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Advanced security features
  • Mobile access and biometric time tracking


  • Location tracking can suffer from glitches.
  • Slow to generate long, complicated reports

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Fingercheck offer an API?

Yes, Fingercheck offers an extensive list of APIs covering Reports, Pay On-Demand, Sync, Schedule, Employees, and Punch.

Does Fingercheck support mobile devices?

Yes, Fingercheck offers a mobile app that supports Android and iOS devices.

What languages does Fingercheck support?

Fingercheck supports English.

What other apps does Fingercheck integrate with?

Fingercheck can be integrated with Microsoft Excel and QuickBooks Online Advanced.

What types of pricing plans does Fingercheck offer?

Fingercheck offers four pricing plans, namely: Time & Attendance ($45/month, $5 per employee + $20 monthly subscription), Small Business Starter ($47/month, $8 per employee + $39 monthly subscription), 360 ($109/month, $10 per employee + $59 monthly subscription), and 360 PLUS ($159/month, $12 per employee + $99 monthly subscription).

Who are the typical users of Fingercheck?

Fingercheck is intended for small business owners who are looking for a way to easily and accurately track employee time with employees who are charged hourly.

Fingercheck Pricing

Small Organization

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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