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Agile and seamless, Hive is the only project management software for hybrid work that transforms how you manage projects. With its scalable structure, it accommodates businesses of all sizes. Utilize the time tracking, workflow automation, and reporting tools to streamline your operations and drive success. Get started today!

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What Is Hive Software?


Hive is a cloud-based project management platform built by users for users via feedback from forums. It helps teams coordinate tasks, track project progress, streamline time tracking, set and visualize goals, foster collaboration, and leverage artificial intelligence for efficient content creation.

Providing businesses with a centralized platform, Hive enables them to manage their projects effectively, enhance team communication, automate routine tasks, and generate insights from project data. This project management software efficiently combines cloud collaboration features, Gantt charts, and infinite subtasks within a centralized interface.

What Is Hive Software Best For?

This project management software excels in streamlining project and task tracking for project managers and their teams. Its automated time-tracking feature simplifies the proccess of monitoring team hours, while its goal visualization tool helps align team efforts toward achieving shared objectives.

Hive Software Pricing

Hive offers the following three pricing plans:

  • Solo – $0
  • Teams – $18/month/user
  • Enterprise – Contact us for a custom quote

Disclaimer: The pricing is subject to change.

Hive Software Integrations

Users can connect Hive to more than 1,000 third-party tools to centralize their work. Here are some of the featured integrations:

  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • Zoom
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Outlook Calendar
  • Jira
  • Slack

How Does Hive Software Work?

Follow these basic steps to access the Hive dashboard and start using the project management tool:

  • Log into the Hive project management platform using your credentials
  • Click on the 'New Project' button to start a new project
  • Use the goal-setting feature to set project goals and milestones to manage projects effectively
  • Start assigning tasks to team members and monitor their task completion rates
  • Leverage the collaboration and messaging tools for team communication
  • Use the AI-powered notes feature for swift content creation
  • Utilize the analytics feature for gaining visibility and gathering insights about your projects
You can also schedule a free Hive Demo to learn more about the software's features.

Who Is Hive Software For?

Hive is suitable for businesses of all sizes across various teams, industries and sectors, including:

  • Marketing departments
  • Educational institutions
  • Event planners
  • Design teams

Is Hive Software Right For You?

If you require a comprehensive project management tool that offers efficient task and project tracking, goal visualization, enhanced collaboration, and AI-powered content creation, then Hive is an ideal choice. In addition to its functional capabilities, the platform also prioritizes data security and compliance. It adheres to stringent security protocols and regulatory standards to ensure data protection, making it a reliable choice for businesses committed to safeguarding their information.

Still have questions about Hive software? Read Hive reviews or contact us at (661) 384-7070 for more information.

Hive Software Features

Manage all projects, tasks, deadlines, requests, approvals, notes and reminders in one place. Features include flexible project hierarchies, agile management capabilities, and complex project management tools.

Track time automatically or manually on tasks/actions. Features include timesheet submissions, project baselining, and project resourcing tools.

Connect and collaborate with the entire team and external stakeholders from anywhere and keep everyone on the same page. Utilize the messaging panel for private and group chats, video conferencing, collaborative notes, intake forms, profile statuses, etc., to involve each team member in the project planning.

Save time by automating repetitive tasks and syncing apps. Tools like workflow automation, multi-step workflows across 1,000+ apps, action templates, and no-code builder help teams become more efficient.

Get valuable insights into your project's performance with Hive's reporting and analytics. You can track goals, customize dashboards, view workspace activity reports, and use project reporting tools. Project managers can create up to three dashboards, making it easy to monitor things like workspace productivity. These tools work together to assist managers.

Customize the platform to suit your team’s needs. Custom statuses, templates, notifications, company logos, and emojis enable a more personalized experience. Additional features like Notes, Gantt charts, and Kanban boards enhance your project management toolkit. Portfolio View further helps visualize and track work alongside comprehensive project management capabilities.

Pros and Cons of Hive Software


  • Single platform for workspace centralization
  • Free version is a good fit for a small business project manager
  • Automates workflow processes
  • Task owners can turn sub-tasks into projects
  • Limits manual requests and updates with 24/7 project status and reporting
  • Provides custom integrations
  • Democratic project management platform built on user feedback
  • Phone support available to access the Hive team
  • Extensive project views


  • Some users have reported trouble generating accurate productivity reports
  • Workspace add-ons appear more expensive to some users
  • Initial learning curve, according to a Hive review

Hive Software Pricing



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What's Included

  • 200MB storage

  • Up to 10 users

  • Unlimited tasks

  • Unlimited collaborative notes

  • Gantt, Kanban, calendar & table views​

  • Desktop, iOS and Android apps​

  • Email in Hive​

  • Native chat messaging​

  • Custom Emojis



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What's Included

  • Unlimited workspace members

  • Unlimited storage

  • Seven flexible add-ons (extra)

  • Shareable forms

  • Time tracking

  • In-App Calendar

  • Cloud storage integrations

  • Zoom and Slack from Hive



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What's Included

  • Flexible add-ons included

  • Custom analytics and reporting

  • Enhanced security and permission controls

  • Unlimited onboarding

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

  • Enterprise API

  • Access to Professional Services

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Yes, Hive offers an API.

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