is a time and attendance service that aims to provide organizations with complete transparency and automation in order to save time and money. It is appropriate for all sizes of businesses, including SMBs, corporations, and government entities. It is accessible via all common platforms and devices (web, Android, and iOS). It is also compatible with popular third-party time clocks and payroll systems. This project management tool makes payroll easier for HR managers and workers. 

Key Features

Time Tracking

With, your employees can punch in and out in a variety of ways. The manager has the authority to determine which procedures apply to particular employees or employee groups. All techniques include advanced anti-fraud mechanisms, and the entire platform operates in real time. It integrates a facial recognition system that is exceptionally quick (0.3 seconds) and operates offline. It is ‘1:N’ which means no password is required, eliminating long queues a few times a day.

Time Off Calculation allows complete time off and vacation management of your employees with an automated solution. Complete flow from applications to your administration area is enabled. All the approvals and communication are done between your supervisor and employees via the apps. You can create leave categories and define custom fields for the type of leaves that are part of your organization. Employees can use the system to submit their leave request form as well as any relevant medical forms. 

Project Reports can also be used to update project activities through the mobile and desktop applications. It can be used to monitor actions, update activity lists, and approve time entries. Timesheets can also be used to create reports by calculating the budget and cost of service. Demo  

The demo is available on the official vendor profile and it can be used to learn about the various aspects of the software before getting started. Pricing  

The software cost is divided on the basis of products and users can opt for monthly or annual subscription plans. The time tracking tools cost $5 per employee and time tracking costs $8 per employee on a monthly basis. Meanwhile, the cost for enterprise plans can be customized based on the size of your team. Reviews 

The software reviews claim that it has been helpful in workforce management as it has a simple interface and the applications are easy to use as well. 

Our Thoughts 

The project management is a reliable software for the management of time and attendance. Its timesheets give you the ability to define the leaves and manage time-off easily. It can be used to manage activity tracking, leave tracking, online punch card, and biometric recognition from a single interface. Pricing

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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