PurelyHR is a people-focused cloud-based HR software, also known as the ultimate leave management tool that is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. It serves companies in more than 65 countries in an extensive range of industries.

The HR vendor provides an abundance of customizable solutions and add-ons that help companies' build their package according to their requirements. PurelyHR is like a time-off command center; it helps in automating accruals and renewals, customize offices' specific approval hierarchy for time off requests.

With PurelyHR, companies' can give access to the employees of their leave data. In 3 simple steps, any employee can submit their time off requests: select data range, send and confirm.

The core talent management module of PurelyHR provides all the functionality of HR, giving it structure and discipline. The Staff tool helps search staff directory by name, employee ID, department, or office.

The HRIS stores all the policy manuals, employee handbooks, and any other HR-related documents and makes it available across the entire company. With just 100MB of storage, it can easily be set up. PurelyHR's modules can be selects and customized according to the company's requirements.

PurelyHR pricing: The Core Leave Management module, which consists of staff and time off, is for a $10 base fee plus $25 per 10 employees, which makes a total of $35 on their monthly billing. For the annual billing, they offer a 10% savings so, the price is $31.50 per month. They offer add-ons as well.

Free Trial: Yes. They offer a 21-day free trial.

USP: They offer complimentary onboarding.

Technical Specifications: It is cloud-based and supports all devices.

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Call us at

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