SEO Platforms

SharpSpring Marketing Automation

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In terms of marketing, Act-On is an extensive software with a wide range of applications, benefitting marketing specialists since its advent in 2008. Offering features like lead management, advertis.. Read more

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Pardot by Salesforce

Pardot is a leading Business-To-Business (B2B) marketing automation software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. Its primary purpose is to automate marketing and sales processes for lead generation and ma.. Read more

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Plerdy is a multifunctional SaaS solution for an improvement of conversion on websites. Plerdy Heatmap is a set of SEO tools that allow you to see how users click, scroll, and navigate your website. .. Read more

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Yotpo Content Marketing Solution

Yotpo is a content marketing solution for e-commerce businesses that assist users to collect user- generated content while offering a variety of customizable campaign programs to enhance the customer.. Read more

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ContentStudio is a cloud-based social media management and content marketing tool that helps businesses create and share the best content. The key features that this marketing solution offers include .. Read more

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Ahrefs is a content marketing SEO tool offering its users the world’s largest catalog of live backlinks. The platform is designed to provide businesses of all sizes with a reliable and robust backlink.. Read more

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Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is an award-winning cloud-based CRM and social media management platform designed to empower small to large-sized organizations to attract, retain, and satisfy customers. It allows users to s.. Read more

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Wix Website Builder

Wix is a widely used cloud-based web development solution that enables users with little or no tech experience to create attractive and professional-looking websites. Wix features a vast range of te.. Read more

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Moz Pro

Moz Pro is an all-inclusive search engine optimization (SEO) application that provides users with the services of web page optimization and keyword management. It updates businesses every week on the .. Read more

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Oracle Marketing Cloud

Oracle Marketing cloud is an advanced email marketing automation solution designed to cater both B2B and B2C marketing teams allowing them to automate content and social marketing, targeting, segmenta.. Read more

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Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign is a marketing automation solution geared primarily towards helping large enterprises in automating, managing and optimize actions pertaining marketing across several different channels.. Read more

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Raven Tools

Raven Tools manages engine optimization, social media conversations and online advertising campaigns. The software is a cloud-based tool used for SEO auditing for media houses, agencies and markers... Read more

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MarketMuse maximizes the worth of online content for marketers, content creators, marketing agencies, publishers and e-commerce companies via enterprise content planning. The software uses algorithm.. Read more

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SEO Platforms Buyers Guide

Last updated: April 11, 2021

When you need a smart marketing strategy what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Do you spam people with information about what you can offer? Or do you subtly place small pieces of information in the path of your target market so they can reach your brand easily?

There’s no need to use spam to get recognized anymore. That’s because you’re able to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and top search pages so people can find your brand instantly without you having to source prospects yourself.

So how do you select the best SEO platform for your company? Perhaps the following buyers guide will give you all the information you need to select the correct SEO platform for your marketing campaign.

SEO Platforms

What is an SEO Platform?

An SEO platform is utilizing the practice of a search engine optimization technique through a software package. These software packages help you use the correct SEO tools to maximize the visibility of your brand.

Using an SEO platform also allows you to perform the following tasks:

- Form proper anchor links on your blogs and websites

- Include metadata correctly

- Development of links to refer people to any page you want them to see

- The use of keywords

An SEO platform was designed to make it easier for users to implement a proper marketing campaign. The platform allows you to see analytical data on your progress and so aiding you in managing and measuring your brand's presence.

It also allows you to see your brand’s weaknesses and strengths. With a premium SEO platform, you’ll be able to eliminate potential threats and target business opportunities.

SEO Platform vs. SEO Tools – Which Should You Choose?

SEO tools are a bit different from the software. These SEO tools can come from two sources namely web-based platforms or desktop programs. The tools include the following:

- Keyword searches

- Traffic analysis

- Link building

- Removal of links

- Ideas for content

If you have premium SEO tools they’ll give you a breakdown on certain data points that can affect your ranking on search engines. This data can be useful but only if you’re really SEO savvy and you know how to optimize your rankings well using the tools provided.

SEO platforms are designed to make ranking and brand visibility easier but they also give you a bigger picture of what SEO tools can do for you. An SEO platform is more valuable as it provides better insight into your data and uses tools to optimize the performance of your website.

Opting for an SEO platform will give you more information on how to use the tools. This makes an SEO platform better suited for those who are less familiar with search engine optimization techniques.

Qualities of a Good SEO Platform


When opting for an SEO platform it should provide you with easy ways to gain more traffic to your website. Quality SEO platforms inform you on the best tools and tasks to use in order to boost your visibility. This feature will help you work faster particularly on time-sensitive tasks.

Some SEO platforms provide insights on the best areas to target to source new prospects that are compatible with your niche. It’s always best to know exactly who your target market is so you can draw valuable, relevant traffic to your site.

A premium SEO platform also allows you to do extensive research on the competition in your industry. This is so you can stay ahead of the game and ensure that you’re providing better quality services to your target market.

Another advantage is that a quality SEO platform gives you full customer support. So if you’re experiencing any problems with your platform you can contact your service provider for assistance.

How to Choose an SEO Platform

The best place to start when searching for a reputable SEO platform company is to look for reviews on all the top players in the industry.

It’s always best to visit the websites of the SEO platforms you’ve selected to see what they can offer you. Do their SEO features align with what you want to achieve for your brand? Ensure you are specific about the goals you want to achieve for your company. This will help you select the best SEO platform for you.

Communication is also a key feature to look for when searching for an SEO platform. Effective communication with your service provider will allow your company to keep the ball rolling so you can bring in more customers and revenue.

Popular SEO Tools

Google Analytics

If you’ve simply started out and you want to test how well SEO works make use of these popular tools for beginners:

- is used to search words in your niche and provides suggestions on how to create quality keywords for your brand

- Google Analytics gives you search data and web stats on your brand

- Moz Link Explorer provides insight on your links, website and any web pages you have

- Google Trends provides information on trending topics and discussions

- SERP Simulator gives you a preview of how your website looks on Google search engines

How to Choose a Suite of SEO Tools

Keyword Tool

In order to completely improve your SEO campaign, you should select a series of tools to help you refine your marketing strategy. Here are the following SEO tools you should always use when writing content for your brand:

- Keyword tool

- Plagiarism tool

- Links tool

- Structured data testing tool

- Keyword tracking tool

- Ranking tool

- An SEO checker

- Analysis tool

There are myriads of SEO plug-in tools for the above list that you can add as extensions to your webpage. These SEO tools will help you process your content so you can have a fully optimized webpage.

Final Thoughts

SEO is the practice of boosting the quantity and quality of traffic to your webpage through the use of organic search engine results. SEO improves your website’s ranking on Google which places your site on the first Google search results page that pops up when consumers type in keywords relating to your brand.

There are many different ways you can utilize an SEO strategy. But to get the most out of a search engine optimization campaign use a premium SEO platform. It’s how you increase your brand's visibility and improve the efficiency of your website. Make sure you don’t miss out on valuable opportunities!