Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is a cloud-based solution offering Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and supply chain management services to small, midsize, and large businesses. Oracle, combined with JD Edwards provides users with a vast collection of powerful and innovative apps to manage workflows in several sectors including finance, consumer goods, human resources, distribution, and manufacturing. The solution combines business value, standards-based technology, and deep industry insights at a low ownership cost.

Key features include financial management, project management, human capital management, order management, CRM, manufacturing, supply chain planning, logistics, reporting, and business intelligence. Real estate management, environmental health, asset lifecycle management, and safety and commodity trading are also offered among many other modules.

The solution is scalable and is compatible with hardware, virtual servers such as Oracle VM and VMware, and operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, AIX, and IBM I5OS and databases such as SQL, Oracle, and DB/2. Support for the smartphone web browsers is also provided.

Pricing: Not provided by the vendor.

USP: Oracle’s One-Click Provisioning tool enables its users to deploy JD Edwards on the Oracle Cloud within hours instead of days. Integration with IoT (Internet of Things) is offered that delivers higher profitability and competitive differentiation.

Support: Support can be reached online.

Product Advantages: JDE E1 is highly adaptable, highly accurate, highly configurable, and allows for granular security. Robust reporting tool and seamless integration with all third-party tools.

Product Limitations: Some functionalities are too complex to configure. Cross-reference facility is not intuitive and hard to set up.

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Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne reviews

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Unmatched flexibility and customizability

December 2022


Real Estate Management

I have had the experience of working with a few ERP systems. And I can say that while it is not simple to use Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, no other ERP has come close to its customization options. I believe that if you can put in the effort to efficiently implement this software system for your company, you will enjoy powerful benefits. Users that become experts with the interface will have much control over how they manage the different features.
As I said, Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is not a simplified ERP. It could be, but users have to configure it that way, and it is only possible because it does allow customization. However, this process is not only time-consuming, but you also need the users to be well-versed with the software system. Therefore, you will first have to invest your time and money (probably by outsourcing IT experts or hiring them) to get the most benefits out of this software.

The best ERP on the market

October 2019



I like the interface of JD Edwards. Compared to SAP, navigating with E1is far easier. This has been very useful to me and to my team. We solved a lot of problems using this software. Generating reports is easy too.
The wild card in Search allows the user to search for any entry that matches. However, when a user uses the wildcard and did not add any more characters, the system hangs up because it will generate all entries. I wish there is a way for the user to cancel when they accidentally do it.

Hands down, the best!

October 2019


Voith GmbH

This software has most of the basic needs of an ERP system suited to a standard-issue manufacturing facility. One can get used to its relatively old-world menu layout.
This software is far less advanced than an obvious competitor; viz. SAP. I have used SAP in my previous job position and if I had to choose one over the other, SAP would be the clear winner. JD Edwards requires too much development work (issue development) to include even the most basic error-proofing features to ensure data integrity & accuracy.

Highly recommended

June 2019


Merieux NutriSciences Corporation

This ERP is best for medium-sized organizations. This is practical and the engineering of ERP is so a lot of adaptable on the grounds that you can utilize numerous kinds of Operating Systems for your Servers, for example, Windows, Linux, AIX, UNIX, Solaris, UX and can utilize numerous sort of databases for example DB/2, SQL, Oracle and so forth as per your decision.
Could use more automation in their modules and support of advanced databases like Cassandra etc.

Good service but complicated to use

April 2019

Os Luis


Real-time data insights help us manage and polish it in MS Excel right away. The software is highly configurable and customizable. It can be as simple and easy as you want or as complicated as it is. It can meet your companys needs.
Requires constant back up from a well trained and dedicated expert. Too overpriced. Extensive training required to learn the systems operations. It can seem too complicated at times.

Love the functionlality but can be overwhelming

November 2018

J. Mickey

Underpinning and Foundation Skanska

Enterprise One offers some really amazing features including automated reports for cost and revenue, a one stop shop for organizing and analyzing all construction needs. There is purchase order creation, Job Cost data, A/R Data, A/P Data, Forecasting modeules, all of which work great.
It is not user friendly. This product has a lot of nuances entry rules that make the product very difficult to navigate. It requires serious training before someone is competent in this software.

A reliable business companion

September 2018


Historic Tours of America

JD Edwards has been and will continue to be our main corporate financial system for many years. It is a comprehensive software, offers modules for more corporate functions than I can describe, reliable, an industry standard.
The implementation and support of this software require dedicated and trained personnel pretty much solely for its operation.

The best ERP solution out there

August 2018


Turner Industries Group, L.L.C.

There is no end as to how far you can customize this solution. You can make it very easy or very complicated. It is a framework on which you can build any enterprise data in and around. It can be fitted to meet the exact needs of your organization and allows for reporting and an unprecedented level of workflow integration. The solution is scale-able as large as you are willing to take it too.
The log files are not available once the users session times-out so we are having a rather difficult time getting it to iron out completely. The technical logging seems pretty limited at this point. Maybe there are some settings or something we dont have turned on, but it is proving rather difficult to track down the minor intermittent bugs (particularly ASYNC errors).

The best ERP solution

December 2017


Black and McDonald Ltd

Functionality is well designed for construction companies, such as procurement, productivity and job costing. User-friendly layouts. Excellent integration with excel for import and export data. Very convenient tool for accountants
There are numerous internal bugs the program designers need to investigate and fix. The functions are duplicate. They can be simplified and merged.

Offers great value

November 2017


Crane Renovation Group

A powerful and comprehensive ERP functionality, it features tools including watchlist and orchestration which require almost no developer support once implemented - BI Publisher provides a powerful development interface for customizations when necessary.
The user interface has improved a lot over the years but it can still be too overwhelming and difficult to navigate for end users especially those with limited ERP experience

Loaded with features. Infinite options for everything

September 2017


Bard Peripheral Vascular

A great variety of functionality. Able to operate the entire business (finance, AP, production, shipping, and receiving) from the same interface. Able to keep area segregated while operating from the same database interface.
It can get confusing at first because of the many options to learn and different ways to perform actions, but it gets easier as you go.

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