APS is a web-based system that is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. This unified solution is designed to simplify workforce management tasks such as HR, payroll, and attendance with full-service tax compliance.

The HR vendor has designed the system in a way to save time and money for its customers. The unified system is a single system platform that makes payroll, HR, attendance, recruiting, applicant tracking, onboarding, and ACA compliance easier.

This HR system automates the entire employee lifecycle processes. It helps decrease payroll error by streamlining time tracking and scheduling. Accessing APS is easier and can be done from any smartphone or tablet.

APS pricing: The pricing for APS software is $60 per month, which is the base fee plus $5 per month per employee. With attendance included, there's an additional cost of $3 per month per employee and with scheduling an additional charge of $5 per month per employee. The minimum billable price is $250 per month, which includes any combination of selected services.

Free Trial: No.

Feature customers do not like: The system is not flexible, and customizing is very hard.

Technical Specifications: It is cloud-based and supports all devices.

APS Software

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