BerniePortal was found in 2008, and it has 175,000 active users in all 50 states of America, with 3000 HR departments streamlined. It is a cloud-based system that is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. This all-in-one HR software consists of features like applicant tracking, hiring, onboarding, benefits, payroll, PTO, performance management, time & attendance, and more.

The applicant tracking feature helps screen and assess candidates, streamline candidate communication, and make collaborative hiring decisions. The onboarding process of the hired candidate is easy, saves time, improves engagement & retention, and enhances productivity.

With the benefits administration, attract and retain employees by offering a competitive benefits package which includes no paperwork, make informed benefits enrolment decisions, improve compliance, and customize the enrolment and payroll reporting.

BerniePortal helps track PTO as well. With just one click, managers can approve or deny time-off requests. Tracking time and attendance of employees is digital, which reduces the possibility of error and increases the accuracy in timesheets. Track time online from any device, streamline time edits, and get detailed reports.

This software provides with compliant documentation, requests & reminders, customizable recipients, and to view and e-sign important notices anytime from anywhere. Manage employee performances by documenting their performance, ensuring compliance, and promote development.

BerniePortal pricing: The pricing varies for each as the package is customized according to the companies' requirements. They offer five modules: Applicant tracking system, PTO tracking, time & attendance, compliance, and performance management. The pricing for each module is the same, which is $5 per employee per month with a $15 base fee.

Free Trial: No.

Feature customers do not like: Uploading and downloading documents or data is not an easy or smooth task.

Technical Specifications: It is cloud-based and supports all devices. They also offer an iOS mobile application but not an Android app.


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