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What Is Bridgit Bench?  


Bridgit Bench is a cloud-based workforce planning solution for the construction industry. It is designed to help businesses in this sector maximize profits and minimize risk using a people-focused approach. Using this platform, you can bring efficiency into your work through real-time updates, seamless integrations, cutting-edge forecasting, and more. 

The key features of Bridgit Bench software include forecasting, smart suggestions, Gantt Charts, field planning, and craft workforce management, among others. Moreover, it offers efficient web and mobile support along with a powerful API (Application Programming Interface). 

What Is Bridgit Bench Best For? 

Bridgit Bench is best known for its robust resource management capabilities and its focus on addressing the unique challenges faced by construction companies. It provides users with a centralized platform to manage workforce planning, track project assignments, and monitor team utilization, ensuring efficient utilization of resources and avoiding bottlenecks in project execution. 

Bridgit Bench Pricing 

The software offers flexible pricing options depending on the size of each company. To discuss tailored Bridgit Bench cost options with our sales team, click on Get Pricing

Bridgit Bench Integrations 

The software integrates with several third-party applications. Bridgit Bench project management software integrates with: 

  • BambooHR 
  • Salesforce 
  • Unanet 
  • Procore 
  • Autodesk Construction Cloud 
  • Airtable 
  • Workday 
  • Google Sheets 

How Does Bridgit Bench Work? 

Here’s how you can get started with Bridgit Bench: 

  • Navigate to the project creation section 
  • Enter details such as start and end dates, objectives, required skill sets, milestones, etc. 
  • Assign the project to relevant members 
  • Assign resources to specific teams based on their availability, skill sets, and workload 
  • Simplify the process of allocating resources efficiently  
  • Monitor work progress and team performance  
  • Generate customized reports on resource utilization and project timelines 

If you need more guidance, check out the Bridgit Bench demo. You can access it by clicking Watch Demo.  

Who Is Bridgit Bench For? 

Bridgit Bench suits the needs of construction companies that have to manage complex projects and handle diverse workforces regularly. It helps you optimize resource allocation, enhance project efficiency, streamline personnel management, and improve team communication and collaboration. 

Common users of Bridgit Bench include the following: 

  • HR Managers 
  • Project Managers 
  • Remote Teams 
  • Resource Managers 
  • Performance Managers  

Is Bridgit Bench Right For You? 

Bridgit Bench can be invaluable for construction firms and similar businesses struggling with project resource management and workforce planning. Its comprehensive features enable you to efficiently allocate resources, track project progress, and improve team productivity.  

By streamlining resource management, Bridgit Bench addresses common issues like inadequate (or too much) resource allocation, poor project planning, and lack of visibility into team availability.  

Nevertheless, if you are still on the fence about using the software, call us on (661) 384-7070

You can also read Bridgit Bench reviews for direct user feedback to make a well-informed decision! 

Bridgit Bench Pricing Plans 

Pricing for Bridgit Bench would depend on the size and specific requirements of your business.

Bridgit Bench Software Features

This feature keeps you on top of your project pipeline at all times. It also helps avoid common problems like labor shortage, inadequate resource allocation, and poor workflow management. Simply put, you won’t have to scramble at the last minute for anything anymore.

Using this feature, you can make project team formation a breeze. It helps you match the right people with the right projects so you don’t have anyone managing workflows they aren’t qualified for. Moreover, as you build your project history in Bridgit Bench, the software starts offering better suggestions.

Keep tabs on team members while efficiently monitoring project assignments and utilization rates. You get total visibility into your initiatives, ensuring that everyone stays fully engaged and avoids burnout.

Efficiently organize, track, and forecast your whole project team. This feature also offers real-time visibility into the workings of your field staff. Bridgit Bench has all the tools you need to keep your people engaged and focused on the job.

Pros and Cons of Bridgit Bench Software


  • Effective client communication and collaboration
  • Streamlined operational workflow
  • User-friendly interface


  • No pricing info

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