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Bridgit Bench is a web and mobile-based workforce planning app that allows users to see which projects have too many or too few workers. The software has a Gantt chart and lets you change the timeline and number of workers assigned to each task. This allows you to match your staff to your project.  

With a 12-month look ahead option on your projects, Bridgit Bench also makes it easy to predict how many people you will need to hire in the future. That gives your HR team time to hire more people if required, or it gives your sales team time to find more work for people who are "on the bench" because they don't have enough work. 

Projects can be sorted and filtered in a way similar to how employees are. Users can quickly find the tasks they want to work on by searching by type, stage, location, and jobs with open positions. 

Key Features  

Bench Cost Module 

The Bench Cost module in Bridgit Bench tells you how much it costs to use people who don't have jobs or aren't being used to their full potential. So, you can see right away how much money you might lose by leaving people on the bench. 

You can sort the Bench Cost view by any field you're keeping track of on the platform—sort by places, projects, roles, and other things. 

Certification Tracking 

For some job site tasks, you must have a valid certification. Unfortunately, if you don't have a sound certification management system in place, it's easy for your insurance costs to go up. Even worse, if a case of non-compliance catches the organization off guard, it could lead to hefty fines. 

With the Certification Tracking feature in Bridgit Bench, you can restate these worries. With the Certification Tracking module, you can add certifications to your people's profiles, get in-app reminders when they expire, and attach proof of certificates all in one place. 

Enhanced Productivity 

Poor productivity is one of the most significant risks for contractors. With the Utilization Rate Report and People Gantt, you can track how well your people are being used and use custom filters to see how different productive parts of your company are. With the Utilization Rate Report, you can find gaps quickly and fix them before they worsen. 

Bridgit Bench Pricing 

The Bridgit Bench software cost is not available to the general public. Please contact the vendor for an exact price.  

Bridgit Bench Software Demo 

Before purchasing the software, it is highly recommended that you try out the Bridgit Bench demo. You can learn more about each software feature while using the demo. In addition, the Bridgit Bench software demo will provide a real-world scenario that will assist you in deciding whether or not it is worthwhile to invest in the software. 

Bridgit Bench Reviews  

According to users, Bridgit Bench checks all the boxes for your construction business. Users also praise customer service for being highly attentive. Please scroll down to read Bridget Bench software's in-depth pros and cons.  

Our Thoughts  

With Bridgit Bench construction management software, you can place people on projects and get smart suggestions on who to add to a role. You can manage people's capacity and project demand while tracking and maintaining the project pipeline. Overall, the software helps you analyze workforce utilization to improve your team’s productivity.

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