CollaborateMD Software

CollaborateMD software is a medical billing and practice management solution that automates and streamlines billing and coding processes for practices and billing services of all sizes. The system was created to be both comprehensive and user-friendly, with an interface that users of any level of expertise can master. In addition, since the solution is web-based, there are no upfront or setup fees. 

CollaborateMD EHR Key Features

Integrated Solution

CollaborateMD is a cloud-based practice management and medical billing software that eliminates cumbersome workflows in the front office and streamlines the billing process for the back office. Detailed analytics offer you insights into critical information that keeps your practice functioning at a high-efficiency level. Now you can return to what truly counts, patient care. 

Patient Engagement 

Accessibility and transparency are prerequisites for patient engagement. Thanks to the safe and secure payment gateway by CollaborateMD, patients may better manage their finances and stay up to date on their payments. Real-time payments are made directly to the practice and shown on the practice's bank account. In addition, there will be fewer phone calls and more accurate billing because patients can see their visit history and payments. 

Reporting and Analytics

Using this software with more than 125 customizable reports, you may gain a detailed picture of your business's operations. You may create, run, and see numerous reports simultaneously and simply share data with team members. 

CollaborateMD Pricing

The vendor does not share CollaborateMD pricing. Therefore, you must contact them directly to get a quote for your practice.  


CollaborateMD EHR is one of the most user-friendly and adaptable software for medical professionals. You can contact a software representative to set up a brief demo of how it can help you improve your tasks efficiently. 


According to CollaborateMD reviews, the software has a relatively positive rating online, which indicates that users are satisfied with it and its robust features. In addition, the majority of the users love how the software is highly user-friendly and requires little to no training to navigate.  

Our Thoughts 

Simply said, the goal of the software is to provide an effective software solution so that you may spend your time back on patient care and business growth. 

The solution streamlines clinical and financial processes. It specializes in practice management solutions and integrates with top EHRs to give the ideal blend of efficient front-office operations and outstanding back-office revenue cycle management. 

CollaborateMD Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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CollaborateMD Software reviews

Overall Rating

2 Reviews


Run the opposite way

June 2023


Internal Medicine

None to be had. Not recently, at any rate.
We havent been paid CMS in 6 weeks and no one at this organization has been able to help or seem interested in doing so. Agree with previous reviewer that the problem appears to be with their switch to another (and probably cheaper) clearinghouse that is equally unreachable and insensitive.You do get what you pay for. Shortly looking for another vendor. Shame on them....I would give zero stars if I could.

Horrible. Look for something else.

March 2023


Chiropractic and PT

Cloud-based. Thats about it.
It worked pretty well until approximately 6-9 months ago when everything started to fall apart. Customer service became impotent, and ePS (their in-house clearing house) has caused more trouble and revenue LOSS than should be legal. Please google CollaborateMD reviews, and read the one written by another customer that has had similar experience. They charge more and provide less (next to nothing). Multiple unexplained and unresolved error codes (for a variety of reasons) resulting in claim denials, all stemming from their change to ePS. I have never had so many support tickets open with them, and they have all been unresolved. PLEASE USE ANOTHER SYSTEM. You will spend too much money for too many headaches.

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Call us at

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