Zoho Recruit (Hiring Solution)

Zoho Recruit is a cloud-based applicant tracking system (ATS) that provides hiring solutions for staffing Agencies, corporate HRs, and a temporary workforce. The software manages all the recruitment processes from job requisition to resume management, applicant tracking, interview scheduling, and finding the matching candidate.

This HR vendor supports the requirements of staffing agencies of different industry types and sizes. It boosts company recruitment by creating a personalized career webpage for organizations that displays all job openings along with their descriptions. The online reach of these job openings is extended through premium & niche job boards, social media, and direct sourcing, giving the recruiter an edge over their competitors.

Apart from a webpage, Zoho Recruit has many other excellent recruitment features. Searching for relevant candidates is made more efficient with a specialized search engine known as Source Booster. Automated background checks are available within the system. It also integrates well with LinkedIn automatically head hunting Linkedin Profiles based on the criteria provided.

Several offer letter templates and screening assessments are in-built within the system to facilitate companies in making their offer to successful candidates. Zoho Recruits for a temporary workforce helps in managing timesheets, generates invoices as soon as the job gets done, and it also has a temp portal to view job offerings, completed projects, and more.

Zoho Recruit pricing: Zoho Recruit offers pricing plans according to the solution selected. They have a monthly and yearly subscription plan.

The pricing for the Staffing Agency solution is divided into three categories, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. The monthly subscription for the standard plan is $25 per user, the professional plan is $50 per user, and the enterprise plan is $75 per user. Whereas the yearly subscription for the standard plan is $22.5 per month per user, the professional plan is $45 per month per user, and the enterprise plan is $67.5 per month per user.

The pricing for Corporate HRs solutions is divided into two categories, Standard and Enterprise. The monthly and yearly subscription for the standard plan is the same as the Staffing Agency standard plan. However, the monthly and annual subscription for the Enterprise plan is the same as the Staffing Agency Professional plan.

The temporary workforce pricing is $1 per temp per month.

Free Trial: Yes, they do offer a 15-day free trial that does not require a credit card.

USP: Zoho Recruit offers a free version.

Zoho Recruit Cons: Customers have complained that the customer support is slow and often unresponsive.

Technical Specifications: Zoho Recruit is a cloud-based system. It supports all devices.

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