Efficiently address corporate training challenges using Forma LMS. The software offers a streamlined approach to learning processes, certification management, and progress tracking. Its robust and intuitive interface ensures a seamless experience, marking a significant advancement in learning and development. Explore Forma LMS features today!

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What Is Forma LMS?


Forma is a web-based open-source learning management system (LMS). It helps businesses provide corporate training related to talent management and integrability. Companies can manage and deliver online training courses using the platform.

Additionally, the software is hosted on the user's servers. It offers several options for modifying the appearance and functionality. Forma includes valuable tools like course creation, tests, polls, and data analysis for efficient classroom management.

What Is Forma LMS Best For?

Forma LMS is renowned for its customization options. Its open-source nature stands out, allowing easy integration with any intranet software and extending functionalities with various plugins. Forma is an adaptable tool for managing and delivering online training courses.

Forma LMS Pricing

The software offers various pricing options catering to organizations' evolving needs. Request for a custom Forma LMS cost.

Forma LMS Integrations

Forma LMS software integrates with the following third-party applications:

  • GoToWebinar
  • PrestaShop
  • KeyMeeting
  • Zoom
  • Skymeeting

How Does Forma LMS Work?

Here is how to start with the software:

  • Log in using your admin credentials
  • Set up your organization's information, such as name, logo, and contact details
  • Create user accounts for your staff and learners
  • Set up courses and learning paths, including content and assessments
  • Customize the platform's appearance and functionality to suit your organization's needs
  • Test the platform thoroughly to ensure everything is working correctly
  • Train your staff and learners on how to use the platform effectively
  • Start delivering your courses and training programs
  • Monitor the platform's performance and usage and adjust as needed
Watch a free Forma LMS demo and learn about its capabilities.

Who Is Forma LMS For?

Forma LMS is designed for many businesses, from small to large enterprises. It is particularly beneficial for companies prioritizing continuous employee learning and development. It caters to various industries, including:

  • Information technology
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Recruitment
  • Retail

Is Forma LMS Right For You?

Are you seeking a flexible solution for your corporate training needs? Choosing Forma LMS might be the right choice! It ensures that your data is protected while providing a platform that can grow with your business. Whether you’re a small company or a large enterprise, Forma LMS can cater to your needs.

Still unsure if the software is right for you based on this Forma LMS review? Contact our customer support team at 661-384-7070, who will help you make the best decision.

Forma LMS Pricing Plans

The software offers several pricing plans to fit your budget and requirements.

Forma LMS Features

Forma learning management system allows users to create advanced custom reports. Users can generate unlimited custom reports with a report generation wizard and automatically filter them for assigned users and courses. You can also schedule report generation and export them in Excel or email to specific users.

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This functionality allows businesses to manage multiple clients and brands from a single platform. It enables custom layouts for each client or brand, allowing for a personalized approach to corporate training.

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Forma LMS empowers users to configure reminders, toggle notifications, select communication channels (email or SMS), and specify the time frame for sending notifications.

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You can organize courses in multiple catalogs, categories, and course paths using the software. You can also group courses into categories and catalogs, making it easy for learners to find the courses they seek. Moreover, you can create different editions of the same course, allowing users to choose from several options.

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The platform lets you organize your users into unlimited groups and customizable fields. It also lets you manage administrators with special permissions, import, export, and modify many users in one click.

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Pros and Cons of Forma LMS


  • Excellent customer support
  • SCORM compliant for easy content sharing
  • Customizable appearance and functionality
  • User-friendly interface


  • Steep learning curve, according to some Forma LMS reviews
  • Some users have reported issues with platform stability
  • Potential information overload

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Forma LMS is an Open Source learning management system that is highly scalable and flexible. It can be tailored to suit the needs of any organization. Adding new users and courses is easy and the interface can also be customized to suit your brand identity. The platform integrates with a range of thirdparty applications including CRM systems allowing for seamless data syncing and task automation. Forma LMS meets industry standards ensuring that data is kept safe and secure. This is particularly important to me as I need to be sure that my data is protected.


The mobile app is a convenient choice for students who need to access their courses while on the move but it lacks the level of refinement and features that the desktop version has. My wish is for the developers to keep enhancing the mobile app over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Forma LMS software offers an API.