Empower your team with HowNow, a dynamic learning management system. Tailored to your organization's size and needs, it offers personalized learning experiences. Enhance collaboration, accelerate skills development, and drive growth. Choose HowNow for an intelligent approach to collaborative learning.

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What Is HowNow?


HowNow is an innovative learning management system (LMS) that revolutionizes the way businesses and organizations approach online learning and training. This software provides a comprehensive platform where users can create, manage, and share a wide array of digital content for educational and training purposes.

With its robust features such as content creation in various formats, knowledge sharing, personalized learning paths, and insightful analytics, HowNow empowers users to make learning more engaging. Its cloud-based nature allows access anytime, anywhere, ensuring that learning can continue uninterrupted, regardless of location.

What Is HowNow Best For?

One aspect that makes HowNow stand out from a traditional training platform is its "learning in the flow of work" approach. This concept integrates learning seamlessly into the daily tasks and activities of the user rather than treating it as a separate, isolated process. By embedding learning in the workflow, HowNow ensures the relevance of the content and increases its applicability, leading to better retention and application of knowledge. This approach also reduces disruption to work, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.

HowNow Pricing

The software offers customizable pricing that depends on the number of users in every organization. HowNow cost depends on the total number of users. Here are the basic pricing plans:

  • Lite - £60/user/annually
  • Standard - £72/user/annually
  • Plus - £122/user/annually
For customized HowNow cost, you can also get in touch with us.

Disclaimer: The pricing is subject to change.

HowNow Integrations

The software integrates with various third-party applications, enhancing its functionality and customization. HowNow integrates with:

How Does HowNow Work?

Here's how you can get started with HowNow software:

  • Use your HowNow credentials to log in and access the dashboard
  • Create your own educational content using HowNow's built-in tools, or you can import existing content from other sources
  • Arrange your content into structured learning paths. This helps guide your learners through their education journey in a logical and progressive way
  • Assign the relevant learning paths to each user based on their job role, their personal learning objectives, or any other criteria
  • Use HowNow's analytics tools to track user progress and engagement to identify any areas where learners might be struggling
  • To gauge the effectiveness of your training and track learner progress, create quizzes and assessments
Unlock the full potential of the software by learning about the software's functionalities in detail. Watch the HowNow demo.

Who Is HowNow For?

The main users of HowNow LMS software are fast-growing companies and learning and development (L&D) teams. These users leverage HowNow to engage employees with personalized and collaborative learning experiences. This learning platform is ideal for teams seeking an intelligent, empowering system that encourages collaboration. Additionally, HowNow allows employees to find everything fast and gain the knowledge they need to excel in their jobs.

Is HowNow Right For You?

If you are looking for a learning experience platform that you can use to share knowledge and provide training courses, HowNow might be the right choice. Moreover, it is trusted by industry-leading companies, including Depop, Mercer, Spotify, FitFlop, VanMoof, and Sanofi.

HowNow platform takes data security seriously, which is crucial in today's digital age. The software uses secure hosting environments, implements regular software updates and patches, and follows industry-standard best practices for data encryption. If you're an organization that values the security of your sensitive training content and users' data, HowNow could be a suitable choice for you.

Additionally, it is a cloud-based platform, which inherently allows for high scalability. It is designed to adapt and grow with your organization, making it an ideal solution if you anticipate expanding your user base or content library in the future.

Contact Software Finder at (661) 384-7070 to see if HowNow is the right LMS for you. 

HowNow Features

HowNow software has redefined the learning process by integrating it into the daily workflow of users. This unique feature ensures that employees receive training and educational materials relevant to their work tasks, thereby minimizing disruptions and enhancing productivity. It allows for contextual learning, making the absorption of new knowledge more effective and applicable to real-world scenarios.

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The software supports an elaborate onboarding process, which is crucial in acclimating new hires to their roles and responsibilities. HowNow provides a structured platform where new employees can access necessary training materials, understand company culture, and learn about their job specifics at their own pace. This results in a smoother transition, quicker ramp-up times, and, ultimately, more confident and productive employees.

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HowNow encourages a culture of continuous learning and collaboration with its knowledge-sharing feature. It facilitates the capture, organization, and delivery of expert knowledge and peer insights within the organization. This not only helps in retaining critical business knowledge but also promotes a learning environment where everyone contributes and learns from each other.

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Navigating through vast amounts of information can be daunting. However, HowNow's powerful search and intelligent filing features make this task easy and efficient. Users can quickly locate specific learning resources using various search parameters, while the intelligent filing system helps keep the content organized and easily accessible, saving time and reducing frustration.

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Security and ease of use are paramount in any learning management system. HowNow provides integrated templates that simplify content creation, making it more approachable for all users. Additionally, the secure sharing feature ensures that your learning materials are safely distributed, protecting the integrity and confidentiality of your content.

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Leveraging artificial intelligence, HowNow offers personalized learning recommendations to each user. The software analyzes business goals, skill requirements, and individual learning preferences to suggest the most relevant and beneficial learning paths. This feature makes learning more targeted and effective, thereby enhancing skill development and competency within the organization.

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Pros and Cons of HowNow


  • Lets you create and share knowledge
  • Seamlessly integrates with the tech stack
  • Recommends courses based on previous history
  • Unlike so many alternatives, HowNow integrates learning with work


  • User interface could be more intuitive, according to some HowNow reviews
  • Assessment templates could be more diverse
  • More support options would be appreciated

HowNow Pricing



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What's Included

  • Content Authoring & Virtual Classroom

  • Curated Web Content

  • Personalized Learning Suggestions

  • AI-powered Unified Search

  • Automated Workflows & Reporting



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What's Included

  • Everything in Lite, plus:

  • HRIS Integration

  • Migration from legacy LMS

  • Custom Reports

  • Dedicated Success Manager

  • Single Sign-on



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What's Included

  • Everything in Standard, plus:

  • Unlimited Content Integrations

  • Priority Support

  • Curation Support from our Experts

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The HowNow software has an attractive interface, and the mobile app is incredibly intuitive and easy to use.


Where do I begin? HowNow is severely lacking in democratized learning. Discoverability and content management are extremely limited, and personalization options are minimal. There is a lack of UX customization through tailored learning pathways and UI customization for onboarding, customer enablement, or performance management scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, HowNow offers an API to its users.