SkyPrep provides a comprehensive and intuitive Learning Management System (LMS) through which organizations can host, deliver, manage and track training experiences with minimal overhead. SkyPrep serves over 500 companies, internationally, who are looking to train their employees, customers, and partners. SkyPrep is continuously innovating, recently releasing its newest feature, SkyPrep Studio, which opens up avenues for course creation and development. 

Whether businesses are looking to onboard and upskill employees, provide product training for customers, or maintain compliance standards, SkyPrep makes it easy with a customizable and user-friendly platform along with its best-in-class customer support. 

SkyPrep stands out from the competition based on its:

Intuitive User Experience and Interface

SkyPrep’s key focus is to make the learning experience be as simple as possible. To accomplish this, an easy-to-use and intuitive platform was developed to make the training experience seamless and engaging for both admins and learners. 

The simplified navigation, efficient user flows, and the modern design makes everything simple, from viewing information, accessing different features in the platform to completing a task. Layouts can be customized and certain widgets can be enabled/disabled on the dashboard to better organize the admin and learner dashboard and to only show information that is important to the audience. 

Customer-Driven Solution

Providing excellent customer support is another key focus area. SkyPrep is very customer oriented and establishes a partnership with clients to help them reach their goals. Customers on a paid plan is paired with a single dedicated Customer Success Manager. When customers come on board, a personalized action plan is created to help them get the most use out of the solution and achieve their goals. Any questions or issues a client has, they are responded to and addressed very quickly. 

The SkyPrep support team works closely with customers to get their feedback and experiences for new features and enhancements, creating the most effective solution for them. Also, the UX design team frequently conducts UX research with clients to get a closer look at how they are using the solution and come up with ways to make it better. This ties into the agile approach as mentioned earlier — if a customer has a request and it is reasonable, the changed would be implemented in a timely manner. 

Innovative Features

The SkyPrep team is always developing new, innovative features for the training platform. Recent examples include Studio Docs, Custom Roles & Permissions, and the AI-Like Chatbot. Add-ons and new enhancements are continuously being developed as well to make existing features more powerful and to add additional value for clients. 

Key Features

•    Simplified Administration
•    Advanced Reporting and Analytics
•    Customizable Look and Branding
•    Seamless Integrations
•    Gamification
•    Knowledge Checks
•    AI-Like Chatbot
•    Performance Tracking
•    Enterprise-Grade Security
•    Content Authoring
•    Custom Roles & Permissions

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SkyPrep reviews

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Ensures Privacy and Data Protection

November 2022

Martin C.

Peoples Trust

We use SkyPrep for regulatory compliance. For instance, the federal government might say we need to do training on privacy, or since we do a lot of transactions with large dollar amounts, we have to be weary of money laundering, meaning we have to do a course on money laundering. SkyPrep allows us to offer those courses, do the training, and report back to our auditors that we are doing the training and show that we have a record of it.

An extra-ordinary software experience

October 2022

Jennifer A.


SkyPrep meets all our needs...and goes BEYOND! The software is quite easy to learn/use and helps our team work more efficiently in delivering, tracking, and reporting on training. The help desk is quick to get back with us when a ticket is submitted, and the support is excellent and consistent with very little wait time. They are continuously improving their services and features, as well as provide quick updates and customizations.

Must-have for Staff Training

October 2022

Daniel H.

Miami Dolphins

SkyPrep is a big hit for event staff training! It is a very user-friendly online training software both on the admin and learner side. After a quick training with our account manager, we were comfortable setting our platform and releasing courses to our staff. It was extremely easy to set up our platform and create accounts for our event staff. Overall, SkyPrep is a super beneficial tool, and we love working with them!

Call us at

(661) 384-7070

Call us at

(661) 384-7070