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ModuleMD healthcare solutions Pvt Ltd is a leading SaaS solution created by doctors. Specialty-specific workflow features have been trusted by practices across the country for over two decades to improve clinical performance, increase efficiency, and increase ROI. Practice Management, Electronic Health Records, Revenue Cycle Management, and Patient Engagement are all included in this all-in-one software. 

ModuleMD's technology is adaptable, allowing you to work the way you want. In addition, a library of bi-directional partner integrations that enhance the product offering and improve overall practice workflow provides additional value. 

ModuleMD Key Features  

Enhanced Staff Productivity 

Every patient's first and lasting impression is created at the front desk. The software improves employee productivity and satisfaction, resulting in a better patient experience and increased cash flow. In addition, physicians frequently rely on multiple systems to address various needs in carrying out day-to-day activities. ModuleMD integrates seamlessly with EHR to provide a single sign-on solution. 

Patient Portal 

Your patients will have access to a robust ModuleMD patient portal. The portal offers them the ability to fill out and sign custom input forms directly linked to their medical records. Patient forms can be completed online, eliminating the need for paper. Forms can be filled out ahead of time online or at check-in using the ModuleMD login system. 

Secure Messaging 

With ModuleMD healthcare solutions, you can streamline communication with patients and within the practice. For example, practices can communicate with patients via the Module MD patient portal using HIPAA-compliant messaging. Practices can also communicate more effectively internally and clean up sticky note-covered desktops. 

ModuleMD Cost  

ModuleMD does not make its pricing model available to the public. This is, unfortunately, a common practice among medical software firms. You can, however, get an estimate for your practice by contacting the vendor directly. 

Software Demo

Do you have questions about whether healthcare solutions are right for you? Don't worry; the company provides a free demo to help you test and learn about the software in a live environment. You can also determine during the demo if the software meets your needs. 


ModuleMD reviews are overwhelmingly positive, indicating that users are pleased with the product's capabilities. The clear advantages and disadvantages of software solutions are listed below. If you are a ModuleMD user, you can also share your experience with us. 

Our Thoughts  

ModuleMD is more than just an EHR. ModuleMD's real value lies in the services it can provide, which help offset the software cost. In addition, these services free up human capital to focus on delivering more value to patients, resulting in higher satisfaction, engagement, and throughput. 

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