Planday is a cloud-based employee scheduling software that is suitable for all sizes of businesses. It helps with all the administrative tasks such as staff management, scheduling, communication, time tracking, and reporting.

The staff management module keeps track of employee availability, compliance, and employee groups & departments. Request time off, approve holiday requests, schedule available employees, and more. The scheduling module lets one create, publish, and edit their staff's schedule. Once the program is released, the employees can immediately see it from their desktop or app. All changes to the plan are made in real-time.

With the communication module, one can send updates to all the staff members when they clock-in and can also send messages to individual employees or groups of employees. Employees can communicate with each other as well about trading shifts or finding a last-minute replacement. Employees can also request days off, which saves the company from any scheduling conflicts.

The punch clock module allows employees to clock-in through the app. The clock-in rules can be location-specific, which means that the rules can be customized accordingly; for instance, employees can only clock-in through the app when they're actually at work. With the reporting module, it is easy to see how many hours and shifts each member of the staff worked, which helps in calculating the payroll.

Planday pricing: Planday offers a Starter plan with a starting price of $2 per user per month. They also offer a Plus plan, which has a starting price of $4 per user per month. Besides, they also provide an add-on for accurate time tracking for $1 per user per month. These prices are without the custom set up cost.

Free Trial: Yes. They offer a 30-day free trial that does not require a credit card.

Feature customers do not like: It has a few glitches.

Technical Specifications: It is cloud-based and supports all devices. They also offer iOS and Android applications.


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