ControlBoard’s intuitive interface and powerful features make it a popular choice for contractors seeking to gain a competitive edge through efficient scheduling practices. Even though the software may require add-ons for advance functionality, the simple navigation through ControlBuild’s visual system makes it a compelling choice for professionals in service industries.

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What Is ControlBoard?


ControlBoard is a cloud-based construction scheduling software solution, empowering commercial construction companies to streamline their project workflows and optimize resource allocation. The software tackles the perennial challenge of construction scheduling – juggling crews, equipment, and subcontractors across multiple projects while ensuring projects stay on track and within budget.

ControlBoard Pricing

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ControlBoard Integrations

ControlBoard integrates with a variety of software solutions, including:

Who Is ControlBoard For?

ControlBoard caters to the following industries:

  • Heavy Construction
  • HVAC
  • Film
  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Landscaping

Is ControlBoard Right For You?

Are you a construction company grappling with complex project schedules, resource overbooking, and communication gaps? ControlBoard can be your game-changer. ControlBoard is a recognized leader in construction scheduling software. It boasts robust security features and scales effortlessly to accommodate the growing needs of your construction business. ControlBoard offers a suite of add-on modules to cater to your specific needs, including advanced cost control, budget management, and field data collection functionalities.

Still not sure if ControlBoard is right for you? Contact our customer support team at 661-384-7070, who will help you make the best decision for your construction projects.

Controlboard Construction Features

ControlBoard's intuitive drag-and-drop interface streamlines the scheduling process as one visible portal system. Users can visually allocate crew members, equipment, and subcontractors to specific tasks within the project timeline. Managers can assign employees job numbers through job numbering system, which makes it easier to allocate. This eliminates the need for cumbersome manual scheduling, facilitating quicker and more flexible project planning. Additionally, the visual representation of the schedule fosters improved communication and collaboration among project stakeholders.

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ControlBoard safeguards project timelines by proactively identifying potential resource allocation conflicts. Its real-time feature continuously monitors resource availability (crew, equipment) across multiple projects. This enables users to address scheduling discrepancies before they arise, preventing delays and ensuring that project milestones are met without resource overbooking.

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ControlBoard empowers project managers and field personnel with on-the-go access to project schedules and updates. Its mobile application facilitates real-time communication and collaboration. Field personnel can access assigned tasks, monitor progress, and report updates directly from the job site. This promotes greater transparency and agility in project execution.

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ControlBoard empowers users with the ability to generate comprehensive reports tailored to their specific needs. This functionality extends beyond basic schedule reports and delves into in-depth project analysis. Users can generate reports on resource utilization, cost analysis, and project performance metrics. These granular insights facilitate data-driven decision-making throughout the construction lifecycle, enabling project managers to optimize workflows and resource allocation for improved project outcomes.

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ControlBoard fosters seamless integration with leading construction accounting and ERP systems. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, streamlining workflows and minimizing the risk of human error. By synchronizing project data across platforms, ControlBoard ensures data consistency and facilitates a holistic view of project finances and resource utilization. This robust integration capability empowers construction companies to leverage a centralized data repository for informed decision-making.

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Pros and Cons of Controlboard Construction


  • Intuitive interface simplifies project planning
  • Avoids crew/equipment overbooking for smoother execution
  • Field personnel have on-the-go access to schedules and updates
  • Generate reports tailored to specific project needs
  • Eliminates data entry with construction accounting/ERP integrations
  • Easy to learn for those unfamiliar with scheduling software


  • May require add-ons for advanced functionalities
  • Less intuitive way to navigate timesheets across workdays
  • Challenges reported with managing attachments within the software
  • ControlBoard reviews suggest customizing program functions might require assistance

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