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CMiC is a full-service management platform designed to handle the complexities of large projects as well as the challenges of smaller ones. Its suite brings teams together by automating daily tasks and providing seamless integrations. In addition, it meets specific business requirements by being deployable both on-premise and as a cloud-based solution. 

It includes extensive features that address various aspects of the project lifecycle, such as budgeting, forecasting, change orders, bidding, procurement, document management, business intelligence, and much more. It assists construction companies in developing resource plans with dynamic timelines and interactive schedules. Up-to-date and accurate information keeps construction projects on track and avoids budget overruns. 

Key Features  

Accounting and Finances 

Using accounting and financial tools, you can track invoices, manage receivables, access historical databases, and create real-time reports with CMiC construction software. Furthermore, the software allows you to keep track of financial transactions in a single book of record and make data-driven decisions. 

Project Control 

CMiC software allows you to manage orders throughout their lifecycle while generating change orders based on RFI responses. Furthermore, the software will enable you to approve change orders online, which reduces latencies. In addition, costs can be automatically updated to reduce costly errors. 

Drawing Management 

You can automatically pull metadata like titles, sheet numbers, and trades from CMiC construction software. You can also link RFIs, documents, and items on your "punch list" to drawings by giving them location codes. Also, the software lets teams work together on drawing sets in real time so that expensive rework doesn't have to be done. 

CMiC Software Pricing 

CMiC construction software has not shared its pricing model publicly. Unfortunately, this is a prevalent practice among software vendors. Therefore, you will have to contact the vendor to get the CMiC software pricing information.  

CMiC Software Demo 

You can schedule a demo of the CMiC software to see if it meets your needs. The demo is a live setting where you can try out the different features of the software and decide if they meet your needs. 

CMiC Construction Software Review 

There are a lot of positive CMiC Software reviews, which show that people like the software and its features. The CMiC software reviews like how easy it is to use and how it helps speed up different tasks. Check out the pros and cons of CMiC construction software reviews below. 

Our Thoughts 

CMiC construction management platform is used by a wide range of businesses in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) sector, including general, specialty, heavy/highway, and government contractors, as well as project owners in higher education, high technology, hospitality, healthcare, and manufacturing. 

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