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ExakTime has been keeping track of time for the construction and field-based industries for more than 20 years. The powerful, easy-to-use time tracking and scheduling app syncs directly with user-friendly cloud software. This makes it easy to schedule shifts and tasks. In addition, ExakTime provides real-time attendance, hour, cost code, and other data that is accessible from anywhere. 

ExakTime works on Android and iOS phones and tablets, and the software for tracking time works with all major accounting programs. In addition, ExakTime is the only time and attendance system with tough, weatherproof clocks that you can use on any long-term or outdoor job site to get accurate time punches. 

Key Features 

Cloud-Based Architecture 

ExakTime was made from the ground up to be a way to track time in the cloud. The solution is easy to use and safe because it is web-based. All data about employees and the company is stored safely in the cloud, which uses robust encryption tools to keep the data secure. When information is stored in the cloud, it is easy to find, and managers can ensure that only authorized users can access it. 

Easy Time Tracking 

ExakTime has many ways to keep track of time. There are three ways to track how much time employees spend at work: a time clock app, a wireless clock, or a rugged clock. The wireless and rugged clock makes it easy for employees who work in the field or who move around to keep track of their time.  

The apps that track time send GPS timestamps to a database in the cloud. Managers can then look at the timestamps and approve them whenever and wherever they want. The information is then sent to the payroll system. 


ExakTime has an accurate app that saves time. The app eliminates the need for paper time cards, saving hours. Employees don't have to worry about keeping track of time because ExakTime makes the process easier to focus on serving clients. Even better, the timekeeper eliminates the mistakes that can happen with paper time cards. It ensures that everyone clocks in and out at the right time and that the correct number of hours worked is recorded. 

ExakTime Cost 

The vendor does not share the ExakTime software cost with the general public. Unfortunately, you will have to contact them directly to get a quote. However, the vendor can help you with a detailed ExakTime pricing plan.  

ExakTime Demo 

Are you still contemplating whether to purchase the ExakTime software or not? We suggest you schedule a demo to explore the software in real-time. The demo will help you go over different ExakTime features so you can decide whether they meet your requirements or not. You can contact the vendor directly to organize an ExakTime demo.  

ExakTime Reviews 

According to users, ExakTime works well with many different jobs, job locations, and different cost codes. Most users have a positive experience with ExakTime construction software, indicated by a positive rating. You can read the detailed ExakTime reviews below.  

Our Thoughts 

ExakTime lets businesses keep track of crews at different job sites with an easy-to-use mobile app and check their hours and activities from any device with a browser. The software works on any phone or tablet so that people can clock in or managers can keep track of whole crews. 

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