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Kahua construction management software assists you in managing processes, documents, and costs on your construction programs and projects from start to finish. As a result, owners, program managers, general contractors, and subcontractors can benefit from purpose-built solutions that reduce time-to-value and increase user adoption. 

Kahua construction management software enables collaboration among all project participants to improve communication and efficiency. You can reduce waste and rework by keeping everyone up to date on the latest design and scope information. Moreover, comprehensive dashboards and reporting tools help you get the visibility and control you need to minimize risks. 

Key Features  

Document Management 

Kahua's collaborative document management software for construction ensures that everyone is always on the same page with the correct information required to complete the job correctly the first time. 

In addition, the robust software allows team members in the field and office to manage all construction documents and drawings efficiently. A File Manager feature is also a central repository for all your construction project documents. You can keep all of your project documents together in a straightforward workflow. 

Reporting and Analytics 

It is critical to your success to have a clear picture of what is going on with your projects. Then, you can use Kahua construction software to keep stakeholders informed and take action when necessary, aiming to deliver superior project outcomes. 

Moreover, with Kahua software, real-time reporting can be enabled in even the largest mega-projects, with no impact on system performance. 

Cost Management 

Managing costs across projects can be difficult for General Contractors, especially when profits are at stake, but Kahua's collaborative cost management system can assist. 

Kahua's Cost Management solution streamlines contract creation and management, giving you real-time visibility and control to manage change and enhance your financial health. 

Kahua Cost 

The Kahua cost is not shared publicly. However, you can contact the vendor to get a detailed pricing plan.  

Kahua Software Demo 

The Kahua construction software offers a free demo that you can benefit from. The demo is an excellent way to evaluate the software before purchasing it. You can navigate through each feature in a real-time setting which can help you decide whether the software fulfills your requirements or not.  

Kahua Software Reviews 

The Kahua software reviews generally have a 4-5-star rating, indicating that almost all users have a positive experience. In addition, users like the overall ease of configuring the solution to meet their particular needs. You can read the in-depth pros and cons of Kahua software below.  

Our Thoughts  

Kahua construction software is a lifecycle solution that includes applications for capital planning, funding sources, design review, bid management, document management and control, cost management, and asset handover. Kahua software is available on all mobile devices and lets you quickly connect the field to the office. 

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