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Northpass software is a SCORM-compliant, cloud-based LMS that allows you to upscale your learning performance along with your team. It is an innovative platform that allows learning in multiple programs. The software is specifically built for mid-sized companies that specifically aim to expand their educational endeavors. It offers effective administration of tasks, Course Management, and Course Tracking features. Built-in Course Authoring helps you create and publish the learning programs easily. Further, as a subscriber, you can avail the interface’s Mobile Learning, Synchronous Learning, Social Learning, Blended Learning, and Asynchronous Learning offerings – all of them geared for a successful didactic run. 

This SaaS-based software is compatible with all web-based devices and comes with courses on mobile. Its e-commerce features are especially beneficial for e-learning companies that aim to sell learning products. Northpass offers Certificates & Licensing feature for course verifications as well.  

Key Features 

Northpass Customer Education 

It offers Double Verify, Zenoti, Freshworks, Gainsight, Johnson & Johnson Vision, and other integration features for customer education. The software, further, streamlines and makes onboarding easy for new customers. Product Adoption and Brand Champion help make a better impression. You can increase customer retention through electronic forms, Video Conferencing, and Progress Tracking.  

Intuitive Employee Training Programs 

Looker, Power BI, Segment, Google Analytics, Tableau, Okta, Open ID, and Autho integration are available for employee training. It offers an employee handbook, engagement tracking, and training management tools for new employees which is quite convenient. You can track learning impacts through metrics and graphs which helps reduce the workforce and certify workers easily.  

Scalable Partner Training 

You can simplify the onboarding process of partners and certify them to maintain company security – in addition to conveniently collaborating through Slack, Zoom, & Microsoft Teams. The platform comes with built-in LMS, virtual classrooms, and blended learning tools. Some of the available certificates offered by Northpass software include accreditation in Credly, LinkedIn, Badgr, and Accredible. 

Northpass Software Pricing 

Northpass cost varies according to vendor requirements. For a detailed overview of pricing options and custom quotes, click on the ‘Get Pricing’ button above.  

Northpass Software Demo 

You can easily access the free trial of the software. For a detailed explanation of platform features, click on the ‘Watch Demo’ button above. It provides training to all users through Documentation, Webinars, a Knowledge Base, Phone Support, Chat, and a 24/7 Help Desk.  

Northpass Software Reviews 

Northpass is a highly rated software as attested to by multiple, high-authority, third-party platforms. Many companies (software users) claim to have achieved ‘successful educational transformation’ through this program and recommend it to others.  

You can read authentic and detailed Northpass reviews in our Reviews section below. 

Our Thoughts 

Northpass LMS is a web-based learning platform designed for corporate learning and business education management. It offers a learners’ portal that streamlines learning management and content management. Overall, it makes for an easy-to-use centralized education platform that provides quick and effortless access to learning and training programs. 

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