Hubstaff Software

What is Hubstaff?


Hubstaff is a workforce management software that provides innovative solutions for remote, mobile, and growing teams. It is a cloud-based, desktop, and on-premise platform that has won several awards for its productivity and team management features. With over 90 remote team members representing 28 countries, Hubstaff software is a leading platform for businesses looking to effectively manage their teams and track their productivity. The software also offers mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices. 

What is Hubstaff Best for?

Hubstaff is best known for its time-tracking and task-management features. Using the tasks module allows employers to track their team's time with in-depth timesheets, GPS tracking, and project management. It also provides optional screenshot and app tracking, mouse and keyboard usage tracking, and on-site time tracking with geofencing functionalities. Hubstaff project management is an excellent solution for businesses looking to manage remote teams and track their productivity effectively. 

Hubstaff Pricing

Hubstaff offers four pricing plans: Desk Free, Desk Starter, Desk Pro, and Enterprise. Desk Free is free for one user and includes basic time-tracking features. Hubstaff software pricing desk Starter starts at $5/user/month. Desk Pro starts at $8/user/month. The Hubstaff cost enterprise plan is customized to fit the specific needs of larger organizations. 

Hubstaff Software Integrations

Hubstaff integrates with over 30 popular applications, making it easy for businesses to work seamlessly without interfering with their day-to-day operations. Some of the most popular integrations of the software are: 

  • Basecamp 
  • Trello 
  • Asana 
  • GitHub 
  • PayPal 

It also integrates with other tools such as QuickBooks, Jira, Salesforce, Slack, etc. These integrations allow businesses to streamline their workflow and improve productivity by connecting the system with other essential software they use daily. With over 30 integrations, it offers a wide range of choices for businesses, depending on their needs and preferences. 

How does Hubstaff work?

Getting started with Hubstaff software is easy. After installation, the user can follow these steps: 

  • Sign up for a Hubstaff account on their website. 
  • Invite team members to join the account and install the Hubstaff app on their devices. 
  • Set up projects and tasks for the team to work on. 
  • Team members can track time and activity with the Hubstaff application. 
  • Managers can monitor team activity with detailed reports, screenshots, and app tracking. 
  • Customizable pay rates are available, and Hubstaff can integrate with payroll providers. 
  • The tool includes integrations with other project management software and tools. 
  • Mobile apps are available on iOS and Android, so you can track time and productivity on the go.

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Who is Hubstaff for?

Hubstaff project management is an excellent tool for businesses of all sizes, from small to large companies. It is ideal for managing remote teams and tracking their work effectively. Hubstaff can be used in a variety of industries, including government, non-profits, technology and IT, education, and healthcare. 

Hubstaff Features

Time Tracking

Hubstaff project management tool is a comprehensive time tracking solution that combines an intuitive app with in-depth reports and payment functionality. It enables users to track their employees' work hours accurately and gain insight into productivity, billable hours, and project status. Its user-friendly interface and advanced features provide a complete work management platform. 

Employee Monitoring

The software's employee monitoring feature lets users gain real-time insight into their workforce's productivity. With its unique blend of time tracking and employee monitoring, users can easily see how their employees and freelancers are spending their time, track billable hours, and analyze project performance. By providing detailed reports and analytics, it empowers users to optimize their team's productivity and streamline their workflow. 

Online Invoicing

The software's online invoicing feature allows users to easily generate and send professional invoices to their clients. The software automatically keeps track of billable hours, which makes it easy to make correct invoices quickly and easily. 

GPS Tracking

The GPS tracking feature enables users to track their remote employees' locations in real time. It allows users to set geofences, view employee routes, and ensure that employees are working from approved locations. This feature provides an additional layer of security and accountability for remote teams. 

Compliance Management

Hubstaff software provides compliance management features that ensure businesses comply with labor laws and regulations. With features such as overtime alerts, break tracking, and timesheet approvals, businesses can ensure they are meeting legal requirements for employee compensation and benefits. The system also offers payroll and accounting software integrations to streamline compliance with tax laws and financial regulations. 

Is Hubstaff Right for You?

Hubstaff project management software is an ideal solution for businesses looking to effectively manage remote teams and track their productivity. The software has won numerous awards, including being recognized as a top performer in GPS tracking software and as a noteworthy product for task management. Additionally, it has been named an emerging favorite for billing and invoicing software. 

Regarding security, Hubstaff takes compliance seriously and is GDPR and HIPAA-compliant, with SOC 2 Type II certification. It also has advanced security protocols like single sign-on that keep data safe and secure. 

Hubstaff software is highly scalable, making it a great solution for businesses of all sizes. Its popularity is reflected in the list of clients it serves, which includes well-known brands such as Ahrefs, Groupon, Clear desk, and Century 21.

We recommend you watch a free Hubstaff demo and see if this software is the right fit for your business.

Hubstaff Pricing

  • Desk Free
  • Desk Starter
  • Desk Pro
  • Enterprise
0   for one user
583 / user / mo.
833 / user / mo.  
  • Time tracking
  • Timesheets Activity levels
  • Limited screenshots
  • Limited reports
  • Limited payments
  • Starts at $140. Includes 2 users.
  • Everything in Free, plus:
  • Unlimited screenshots
  • Reports
  • 1 integration
  • 1 integration
  • Per user settings
  • Idle timeout
  • Starts at $200. Includes 2 users.
  • Everything in Starter, plus:
  • Track apps & URLs
  • Custom idle timeout
  • Auto discard idle time
  • Unlimited teams
  • Payments & payroll
  • Unlimited integration
  • Limited public API
  • Time off & holidays
  • Scheduling & attendance
  • Invoices
  • Client & project budgets
  • Timesheet approvals
  • Daily & weekly limits
  • Expense tracking
  • Everything in Pro, plus:
  • VIP Support
  • Concierge set up
  • Higher limits on public API
  • Unlimited Job sites
  • Pay by bank debit (ACH)
  • HIPAA compliance
  • SOC-2 Type II Compliance
  • Single sign-on

Hubstaff Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Managementt


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support


  • User-friendly interface: Easy-to-use interface and straightforward time tracking.
  •  Integrates with popular tools: Offers integrations with many popular project management and payment platforms.
  • Offers advanced security: GDPR and HIPAA compliance, SOC 2 Type II certification, and advanced security protocols like single sign-on that ensure data is kept safe and secure.
  • Scalability: Highly scalable software makes it a great solution for businesses of all sizes.


  • Pricing May experience occasional glitches: Some users have reported that the software can be slow to load or laggy at times.
  • Higher price point for larger teams: Pricing can become expensive for larger teams or those who need more advanced features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What level of support does Hubstaff offer?

Hubstaff offers support like email or a Help Desk, FAQs, and a knowledge base. It also provides 24 hour support and live chat with a customer representative.

Can screenshots be disabled in Hubstaff?

Yes, you can stop Hubstaff from taking screenshots by disabling the screenshot feature in the settings.

Does Hubstaff offer an API?

Hubstaff provides an API through which most of its resources and reports may be retrieved. The API will continue to evolve as new endpoints and functionalities are introduced.

How does Hubstaff work?

Hubstaff monitors the applications and websites that your team visits when the app is active. Then, based on keyboard and mouse use, it determines your team members' activity rates, which helps set a baseline for each team member's typical productivity.

What are the top competitors or alternatives to Hubstaff?

Some top competitors or alternatives of Hubstaff include Toggl, Time Doctor, and QuickBooks Time.

What other apps does Hubstaff integrate with?

Connect Hubstaff to the applications you use every day. Hubstaff interacts with over 5,000 other applications on Zapier, making it the most convenient method to automate your job. Integration options include Quickbooks, Asana, ClickUp, Zendesk, and more.

What types of pricing plans does Hubstaff offer?

Hubstaff offers different pricing tiers for three types of products: Hubstaff Time, Hubstaff Desk, and Hubstaff Field. Click on "Get Pricing" to get more details about the pricing plans.

Who are the typical users of Hubstaff?

Hubstaff works with 34,000 remote and field support teams from established and start-up organizations. Its users work in software, e-commerce, construction, and other fields. Groupon, Ring, the Los Angeles Clippers, and Instacart are among its clients.

Hubstaff Software Pricing

Small Organization

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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Hubstaff Software reviews

Overall Rating

11 Reviews


A Good Tool but Not Without Its Limitations

March 2023

Laura K.

Business Analyst

Hubstaff is a good tool for managing remote teams and tracking employee productivity. The app is easy to use, and the customer service team is very helpful when it comes to understanding how the features work.
We encountered some limitations when it comes to the app's analytics capabilities. For example, we could not get detailed insights into how our team was spending their time on specific tasks or projects. This may be an issue for teams that require more in-depth reporting capabilities.

A Great Tool for Managing Remote Teams

March 2023

John S.

Business Owner

We've been using Hubstaff to manage our remote team, and it's been a great tool. Our work requires us to monitor employee activity, and Hubstaff provides us with detailed reports on how our team is spending their time. The app is also easy to use, which has made it easier for our team to transition from in-person work to remote work.
The only issue we encountered was setting up the GPS tracking feature. It took some time for us to understand how the feature works, and we had some issues with getting everyone's coordinates entered correctly. However, the customer service team was very helpful in resolving these issues.

An Excellent Tool for Time Tracking and Productivity

March 2023

Adam S.

Software Developer

Hubstaff is an excellent tool for managing time tracking and productivity. The app is easy to use and provides real-time reports on employee activity. We've also been able to easily integrate it with our existing payroll software.
The only challenge we encountered was getting all of our team members set up on the app. It took some time to get everyone on board, but once they were, they were able to quickly and easily use the app.

User-friendly employee tracking software

February 2023

Dysiree R.

Real Estate

Hubstaff offers simple, user-friendly functionality for employee activity tracking. It provides regular screenshots of employees' work screens to keep track of their activities. It is convenient that the interval between taking the screenshots is adjustable. The software has helped us form a rough estimate of time wastage with the ‘percentage of work and movement’ feature.
Setting up time zones is quite difficult without external help. The self-help guide available online is not meant for an average user, I presume. A resolution for this issue will be immensely helpful for us.

A Powerful Tool for Managing Remote Teams

February 2023

Nina P.

Remote Team Manager

The Hubstaff software has been a lifesaver for our remote team. We use time tracking, task management, and GPS tracking features to effectively manage our team and track their productivity. It's been instrumental in helping us streamline our workflow and maximize efficiency.
The only issue we encountered with Hubstaff was transitioning our existing data into the system. It took some time to get everything set up, but once we did, it was smooth sailing from there.

It fits right in with your existing software.

February 2023

Jafor T.


Hubstaff is an efficient tool for keeping track of the time you spend working on a project. It allows adding or modifying our monitored time in case we forget to clock in or out. It also has a periodic screenshot feature that helps you or your supervisor keep track of what the team members were doing at any given time.
Hubstaff also calculates your percentage of activity based on mouse movement, which becomes an issue during video calls. Anything longer than 10 minutes and it'll mark you idle and stop your timer. It's inconvenient to keep moving the mouse without any reason. Perhaps, there is an existing way to control this, but I have not been able to find the solution.

Hubstaff is good for increasing productivity.

January 2023

Roldan A.


I use Hubstaff to manage the remote teams. It's not only great for time tracking though. I have used it to track tasks, progress, and expenses for every project. The software also simplifies scheduling the next projects for my team. There are so many features that keep my workflow smooth without a problem.
I would recommend they add a quick chat option to directly communicate with your client over small issues. Currently, you have to open another browser to do so. With a chat feature, I’ll be able to save time and it will be more convenient.

User-friendly app and great customer support

January 2023

Monica Z.

Recruitment Professional

My Chief Operations Officer suggested we look into using Hubstaff, and I'm glad that we did. The app is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. I was especially impressed by the customer support — they were incredibly helpful in answering our questions.
The only issue we had with Hubstaff was at times it could be difficult to access certain reports. For example, when we wanted to look up the time an individual had worked in a particular month, it was not easily accessible. That said, the customer service team was able to help us resolve this issue.

It has been great at tracking remote as well as on-site employees!

January 2023

Ashish A.

Online Media

We are a mid-sized firm working remotely for quite some time now. After searching the market for tracking software, we finally landed on Hubstaff which has been great so far. It enabled us to track employee performance and take appropriate action in response to the observations our managers made. The best feature by far would be idle time tracking, which highlights those who sit idly on company hours. It has allowed us to reduce time wastage.
Customer support is slow to respond. And it’s not as smooth on Windows as compared to MacOS. Hubstaff needs to improve on this key area to make it more user-friendly.

Simple to use, easy to manage, and great for task tracking!

December 2022

Ray C.

Computer Software

The greatest feature I can talk all day about is the recently added "Hubstaff Tasks," which enables us to track the task along with the time required for each user. As a software firm that takes pride in its "transparency," our customers appreciate being able to see how their money is being used, and Hubstaff provides them with beautiful, to-the-point PDF files that can be exported easily.
I would like the ability to simultaneously link a single project to several connections, such as Hubstaff Tasks and Quickbooks. Also, the option to upgrade a single user or owner to a more expensive plan in order to access the benefits of the higher tier would be a great help.

Excellent time tracker for employees who work from home.

December 2022

Leri k.

Writing and editing

The time tracker provided by Hubstaff is excellent and easy to use. The tracker is directly in my browser, so I can easily pause and resume time tracking as necessary. Having a Chrome extension makes it even better.
I dislike how it becomes inactive if the mouse is not being physically used, such as when I'm in a Zoom meeting (which is still working). Even while you can still count those hours, the productivity score is still severely impacted by them.

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