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Textedly Text Message Marketing Tool

Textedly is a widely-used cloud-based text message marketing tool that helps businesses reach their target audience through their cellphones. The platform enables businesses to reach their subscribe.. Read more

20 Reviews


Klaviyo is an innovative and responsive cloud-based marketing automating service. With its easy-to-use interface and centralized marketing system, Klaviyo efficiently enables eCommerce users to effe.. Read more

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SocialPilot Social Media Marketing Tool

SocialPilot is a cloud-based social media marketing and analytics tool designed specifically for companies and social media professionals. The platform assists users in enhancing the efficiency of th.. Read more

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Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is an award-winning cloud-based CRM and social media management platform designed to empower small to large-sized organizations to attract, retain, and satisfy customers. It allows users to s.. Read more

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Yesware Software

Yesware is an advanced tool designed to assist sales teams enhance sales by connecting with leads, tracking leads, building templates to monitor and manage customer engagement. The software uses advan.. Read more

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WordStream Advisor Online Advertising Management Software

WordStream Advisor is an online advertising management software solution that allows the advertisers to manage their campaigns on Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and Bing Ads within a single dashboard. I.. Read more

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Wix Website Builder

Wix is a widely used cloud-based web development solution that enables users with little or no tech experience to create attractive and professional-looking websites. Wix features a vast range of te.. Read more

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TextMagic Bulk SMS Solution

TextMagic is a cloud-based bulk SMS solution that allows the users to send bulk SMS, notifications, alerts, confirmations, reminders and campaigns for businesses. The users can also send SMS to cust.. Read more

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Plerdy is a multifunctional SaaS solution for an improvement of conversion on websites. Plerdy Heatmap is a set of SEO tools that allow you to see how users click, scroll, and navigate your website. .. Read more

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Planable is a social media collaboration platform that enables marketing teams, media agencies, social media managers and freelancers to design social media campaigns and receive feedback. Multi-accou.. Read more

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Piperdrive is a cloud-based CRM tool focused on Sales and pipeline management which provides businesses functions to plan their sales activities and monitor deals the software is designed with activit.. Read more

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Notifii is a cloud-based community tracking, notification and package management tool used by office buildings, apartments, corporate mailrooms, high-rise residential properties and student housing .. Read more

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Moz Pro

Moz Pro is an all-inclusive search engine optimization (SEO) application that provides users with the services of web page optimization and keyword management. It updates businesses every week on the .. Read more

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Marketing 360

Marketing 360 is a web-based platform that offers a combination of digital marketing software and marketing services through a single platform. The main goal of Marketing 360 is to provide small and.. Read more

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Loomly is a web-based Brand Success and social media calendar platform that assists social media marketing teams, brands, influencers and freelancers collaborate, publish and manage their content on .. Read more

10 Reviews

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Last updated: January 27, 2021

Marketing Software Reviews, Features, Pricing & Compare

Brand Management Software: All You Need to Know

Companies who value their brand and image understand the importance of incorporating brand management software. This system will help you effectively manage the various aspects involved in online brand management. Part of the benefits associated with using this software include ensuring your brand is always up to date with prevailing trends.

By not using this system you risk losing both existing customers and prospects to more competitive brands. In this article we’ll highlight the different types of brand management software at your disposal including where they best excel.

Characteristics of Ideal Brand Management Software

Before picking a brand management software ask yourself the following questions.

Is it a One Stop Shop?

The ideal software must allow you to collect, organize and share the necessary branding information across your entire organization. All the key functions must be done in one place to streamline operations.

Is it Always Updated?

You want a system that ensures your branding information is always up to date so that your company retains its competitive edge. This way you eliminate the drawbacks associated with using outdated content.

Does it Allow for Real Time Monitoring?

You want a system that allows for real time monitoring. In this fast paced digital world, trends are always evolving. Software that allows you to monitor content continuously will help you make the necessary decisions in time.

Is it User Friendly?

Regardless of the features the software offers, make sure it’s easy to use. Users must find it easy to navigate otherwise it renders the system ineffective.

Examples of Top Brand Management Software



This software is designed to offer creative digital file management. Here you can share the necessary content as well as ensure secure transfer of information. If your organization deals with highly confidential data, this is the software to pick.

This software comes with customizable brand portals so you can tailor the system to match your company needs.

With this software you can store your company’s confidential files, documents, pictures and videos.

Other notable key features available with this software include:

- Content filtering

- Extraction of documents

- Automatic back-up

- User friendly client portal


This software uses a subscriptions pricing structure. Cost will depend on factors such as storage capacity, number of users and the type of modules your company needs.

Yext Knowledge Manager Software

This is cloud based software that allows brand managers to effectively manage their digital knowledge. Companies that are looking to have complete control of their brands must opt for this software.

One of its key features is the intelligence search tracker. Customer searches are made easier because the software provides information regarding products and services closest to them.

The software is linked to Facebook platforms to provide your company with an even wider audience reach. It’ll allow for the following:

- Posting of scheduled updates

- Significantly boost brand popularity among your target audience

- Increase the number of visitors to your social media pages

- Increase sales thanks to refined search engine optimization

- Digital assistants

This software can be used by companies in different industries including hospitality, finance and retail.


Yext has four pricing plans namely, Emerging, Essential, Complete and Premium plan with the latter going for $999 per month.



Here is software ideally suited for small to medium entities. If your business wants to excel in customer relationship management and sales this is the software for you.

Businesses can effectively manage their social media presence by incorporating this software. And this includes the management of marketing campaigns on online platforms.

Retailers will particularly find this software useful. It allows users to create e-commerce apps to sell their products or services. The vendor will provide you with the necessary email and phone support where needed.

Some of the key features provided by this software include:

- Contact and lead management

- Syncing of emails

- Social media marketing

- Business intelligence tools


You can access this software from as little as $50 per month.


Regardless of the size of your business, you can consider this cloud-based brand management system. This is the software to pick if you want the best in email marketing solutions.

Companies across various industries—be it advertising or e-learning—will find this software useful. What’s unique about this system is it’s designed to offer text-based as well as personalized email creation.

If you want your business to be available on various mobile platforms, consider this software. The system organizes your customers according to their activities and demographics. This way you’re better able to formulate a message that resonates with a certain niche.

Additional key features present on this software include:

- Workflow automation

- Customer activity reporting

- Multi-channel marketing


The basic subscription for 2500 subscribers is $40 per month. If you have 5000 subscribers you pay $99 monthly.



Businesses looking to fully utilize the mobile platform must consider picking Textedly. This software is basically an SMS marketing tool which is appropriate for businesses of all sizes.

With this system you can reach a wider target audience via the mobile platform in a short space of time. The system is designed to automatically group cities, states and the necessary zip codes for each and every subscriber.

With this software, users are provided with information required for data analytics such as what your subscribers are doing on the platform. Aside from user activity you can also access their history and performance metrics.

It’s a fairly cost-effective software. Incoming calls are free and there’s no limit to the number of texts you can send.

Key features include:

- Mass group texting

- Text scheduling

- Auto replies


The system uses a subscriptions model with the cheapest package starting from $20 a month.

Final Words

The above list of brand management software is nowhere near exhaustive. Simply pick one depending on which area of your branding your company wants to streamline.