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HubSpot CRM

28 Reviews

Hubspot is an award-winning growth platform. With more than 56,000 total customers spread across 100+ countries, Hubspot is a pioneer in the CRM and marketing automation business providing an array .. Read more


23 Reviews

SharpSpring is a high-rated widespread marketing automation provider with a powerful set of functionalities and features. The software is an all-in-one integrated tool that offers a number of servic.. Read more


23 Reviews

In terms of marketing, Act-On is an extensive software with a wide range of applications, benefitting marketing specialists since its advent in 2008. Offering features like lead management, advertis.. Read more

Pardot by Salesforce

18 Reviews

Pardot is a leading Business-To-Business (B2B) marketing automation software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. Its primary purpose is to automate marketing and sales processes for lead generation and ma.. Read more


18 Reviews

Mailchimp is used by millions of users around the world for its web-based marketing automation and email marketing services. The application offers a number of unique tools for B2B and B2C businesses.. Read more


13 Reviews

Marketo is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) account-based marketing platform providing CRM, sales and marketing automation solutions for a wide range of business. The software allows B2B and B2C marke.. Read more


13 Reviews

Klaviyo is an innovative and responsive cloud-based marketing automating service. With its easy-to-use interface and centralized marketing system, Klaviyo efficiently enables eCommerce users to effe.. Read more

Campaign Monitor

13 Reviews

Founded in 2004, Campaign Monitor is today one of the leading email marketing service providers with millions of marketers in 250,000 companies worldwide. Some of the most famous companies use CM fo.. Read more


10 Reviews

Zoho CRM is an award-winning cloud-based CRM and social media management platform designed to empower small to large-sized organizations to attract, retain, and satisfy customers. It allows users to s.. Read more


10 Reviews

SendinBlue is a cloud-based CRM tool focused on email marketing that caters to businesses of all sizes and offers email campaigns, SMS message functionalities, chat, Facebook ads and marketing automat.. Read more


10 Reviews

Notifii is a cloud-based community tracking, notification and package management tool used by office buildings, apartments, corporate mailrooms, high-rise residential properties and student housing .. Read more

Moz Pro

10 Reviews

Moz Pro is an all-inclusive search engine optimization (SEO) application that provides users with the services of web page optimization and keyword management. It updates businesses every week on the .. Read more


10 Reviews

Loomly is a web-based Brand Success and social media calendar platform that assists social media marketing teams, brands, influencers and freelancers collaborate, publish and manage their content on .. Read more

Constant Contact

10 Reviews

Constant Contact is an online marketing and email services provider designed to help nonprofit organizations and small/independent businesses by providing them with a variety of intuitive and adaptabl.. Read more


10 Reviews

Buffer is a CRM and social media management platform geared towards small to midsize businesses. The intuitive and streamlined design is trusted by brands, businesses, agencies, and individuals in h.. Read more

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Buyers Guide

Buyer's Guide for Marketing Analytics Software

The processes and technologies that allow marketing teams to draw evaluations to measure the success and value of their marketing efforts. This is done by several methods including measuring performance rates of different campaigns across different channels and sources against each other such as adverts vs social media vs blog. Marketing analytics gathers and uses important business metrics, such as marketing attribution, ROI, and overall marketing impact. In simpler words, this software tells users how their marketing programs are performing.

In this guide, we will touch the basic topics relating to Marketing Analytics software to help potential users identify the use, features, and benefits of the product.

What is a Marketing Analytics software?

Marketing analytics software are designed to collect data from across all marketing channels and consolidate it into a single marketing view. From this common view, users are able to extract analytical results that offer invaluable assistance in driving the business marketing efforts in the right direction. Determining the value of marketing initiatives would be a complicated and cumbersome task without marketing analytics. Marketing analytics platforms encompass of a variety of applications including marketing automation, business intelligence, social media marketing, and mobile marketing solutions, each one with its strength on a specific scenario. Using these tools, marketing analytics considers all marketing efforts across all channels over a span of time, helping businesses with sound decision making and effective, efficient program execution. They also provide detailed insights about customers to convert more sales leads. This data may include customer preference, patterns, behavior, history and more are analyzed to provide insights so marketing campaigns can be tweaked to pinpoint effective marketing methods and information-driven decisions can be drawn.

Marketing analytics systems are generally cloud-based. They also offer robust integration with major customer relationship management (CRM) platforms and with other Web analytics services, such as Google Analytics.

Google Analytics

Common Features and Capabilities

Forecasting & Optimization

Predictive analytics tools use past datasets to predict and optimize future outcome and learn their ROI.

Customer Analytics & Segmentation

Campaigns are built by assessing the customer journey extracted from customer data, segmentation, and web analytics.


Automate and provide multi-sourced reporting to decision-makers across the organization for accessible and actionable data & insights.

Competitive Analysis

Focuses on rival brands activities and monitors their marketing performance in comparison to yours.

Data Visualization

Marketing analytics are applied to yield a visualized view to interpret and exhibit data that makes it easy to understand insights and other important analytics reports.

Purchase Intent Analysis

identifies online behaviors and actions that are most likely to lead to any online or offline purchase.

Attribution Modeling

It is a functional component that uses statistical regression techniques to deduce and quantify which element in a previous campaign or cha