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SharpSpring is a high-rated widespread marketing automation provider with a powerful set of functionalities and features. The software is an all-in-one integrated tool that offers a number of servic.. Read more

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In terms of marketing, Act-On is an extensive software with a wide range of applications, benefitting marketing specialists since its advent in 2008. Offering features like lead management, advertis.. Read more

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Revel Systems is a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) solution geared towards small and independent businesses. The tool integrates operations and customer channels with POS functionality in a single d.. Read more

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Uberflip is a web-based content management platform with built-in artificial intelligence to help marketing agencies and sales teams generate tailored content based on audience segments for various ma.. Read more

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Planable is a social media collaboration platform that enables marketing teams, media agencies, social media managers and freelancers to design social media campaigns and receive feedback. Multi-accou.. Read more

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Loomly is a web-based Brand Success and social media calendar platform that assists social media marketing teams, brands, influencers and freelancers collaborate, publish and manage their content on .. Read more

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Outfit is a popular marketing production and brand management tool designed to help marketing and sales teams produce, customize, approve and use marketing collateral, through templates and dynamic da.. Read more

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Oracle Marketing Cloud

Oracle Marketing cloud is an advanced email marketing automation solution designed to cater both B2B and B2C marketing teams allowing them to automate content and social marketing, targeting, segmenta.. Read more

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Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign is a marketing automation solution geared primarily towards helping large enterprises in automating, managing and optimize actions pertaining marketing across several different channels.. Read more

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Yotpo is a content marketing solution for e-commerce businesses that assist users to collect user- generated content while offering a variety of customizable campaign programs to enhance the customer.. Read more

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SALESmanago Marketing Automation

SALESmango is a cloud-based marketing automation platform designed to cater to small, midsize and large enterprises across various industries including retail, e-commerce, finance, manufacturing, hot.. Read more

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Percolate is an all in one software that is used to create a plan and ensure execution of the plan by marketers all across the world. It also offers a great coordination facility between teams, chan.. Read more

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Net-Results is a comprehensive cloud-based marketing automation software designed to cater to small, midsize and large enterprises. The solution assists businesses to automate their marketing workflo.. Read more

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Kizen is a software that is suitable for small and midsize business. Kizen offers its users a cloud-based suite of marketing, customer relationship management (CRM) and sales tools. The features tha.. Read more

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eClicnher is developed for social media marketing. This solution enables users to manage their social media accounts, they can schedule their posts and publish them automatically. The software also .. Read more

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