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Nephrology EHR Software Buyers Guide

Last updated: February 07, 2023

When it comes to your patients, you want to provide them with the best medical care possible. This means taking whatever steps necessary to make sure they’re attended to quickly and efficiently. A number of factors come into play for this to happen such as having a knowledgeable staff and the necessary resources. But above all, you need to put systems in place that ensure a smooth process flow from the minute your patient walks into your medical facility until he or she leaves.

Thankfully there are software packages at your disposal—EHR systems in particular—designed to help streamline your operations. But we’ll quickly point out that these packages aren’t generic. As such, you need to find the one that suits your field of specialty—in this case, Nephrology. Only then can you provide specialized care specifically directed to your kidney patients.

So how will you know which one to invest in for your practice? We’ll try to answer that below.

Factors to Consider Before Investing in a Nephrology EMR Package

For an investment of this magnitude, you need to take a couple of factors into consideration so you pick the right one. Try answering the following questions before securing the purchase.

Is it Affordable?

The last thing you want is to spend more money than you need on software that you can get cheaper elsewhere—especially if it offers the same functionality. To avoid disappointment, it’s a good idea to compare prices from different service providers including the features they offer. Only then can you make an informed decision best suited for your practice.

Is it User Friendly?

The goal here is to treat patients as swiftly as possible so make sure you invest in a system that’s easy to use. Does it allow for easy scheduling? Are the prompts quick and intuitive? Pick a system that your staff won’t find difficult to navigate.

Is it Easily Accessible?

It’s important that the software package is not only simple to operate but readily accessible. This means:

  • The cloud platform must allow you to access information from virtually anywhere while not compromising on security.
  • Do you use Mac or Windows operating systems? Will you be accessing it on your iPad or iPhone? Make sure the EHR system you invest in is compatible with all your devices. To ensure this it’s a good idea to purchase a software package that has systems that run on nearly any device.

What is the Size of Your Practice?

Just how big—or small—is your medical practice? Answering this question will help you pick an EHR package best suited for your organization. If you’re just starting up, there are specific software packages with minimal features designed to help you get your practice up & running in no time.

The larger businesses will obviously require more comprehensive software packages which offer more capabilities.

Medics EHR & PM By Advanced Data Systems Corporations

What Must Be Included in the Nephrology EMR Package?

Moving on to your specific niche, you want to invest in software that only has the templates and features you need. Either that or you risk wasting money on unnecessary features. Below are a few that must be present in your Nephrology EHR package.

Integrated Workflow Automation

The function allows you to automate your patient’s journey. Forget fumbling through multiple documents to access your patient’s information; this feature allows for the following:

  • Self Scheduling: Convenience and efficiency start right from when the patient wants to schedule an appointment. Instead of physically visiting your practice of phoning, your patient can do so in the comfort of his or her home.
  • Telemedicine Appointments: Patients can make appointments regarding the collection of medicine over the phone without necessarily coming to your practice.
  • Appointment Reminders: You can program the system to send out reminders either via text or email so patients don’t miss appointment dates. Convenient, right?
  • Insurance Verification: Imagine the time spent by your receptionist trying to verify the eligibility of a patient’s insurance eligibility. This feature is programmed to automatically carry out verification for all next day patients. Not only that, it notifies staff of any issues regarding the matter.
  • Charting and Prescriptions: This means prescriptions can be done from anywhere. Any charges involved are also captured automatically during the charting process.

Revenue Cycle Management

Treating patients is the goal of any medical practice. But you’ll admit: if you expect to continue in this line of business, then proper revenue management must take place. Either that or you’ll miss on some important incoming revenue streams. Make sure your system has the following:

  • Medical billing: Here the system is automatically programmed to bill your patients as and when necessary. This eliminates any human error either due to genuine omission or certain instances such as theft.
  • Manage orders: In this case the system is designed to effectively manage orders: It automatically places orders at exactly the right time. At no point will you run out of either stationery or drugs within your practice. There’s also no room for ordering the wrong drugs. This way you’re less likely to waste money purchasing incorrect medicine resulting in re-ordering.

Patients Portal

Coming to your offices usually means your patients are already experiencing some form of discomfort. By simply adding a few patient friendly systems, you’ll actively play a part in minimizing their stress. After all, your aim is to make them feel better not worse, right?

This patient portal will go a long way in achieving that. It’s basically an interface your patients can use to interact with your practice. They can carry out any of the following tasks:

  • Review their history
  • Pay bills
  • Sign any forms
  • Schedule appointments
  • Cancel appointments
  • Receive appointment reminders
  • Receive alerts when results are out

Final Words

It’s clear: the advantages of utilizing these systems are endless; from improving clinical operations to ensuring a paperless workflow. Sure, it might be a costly investment but it’s one that will ensure collective benefits for your practice and above all, your patients.