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Cerner PowerChart Software

54 Reviews

Cerner is the leading US supplier of health care information technology offering a unified suite of digital solutions that streamline clinical and administrative workflows enabling providers to care f.. Read more

AdvancedMD EHR

42 Reviews

AdvancedMD is an integrated medical software suite for independent practices. Founded in 1999 and based in South Jordan, Utah, the vendor serves an expansive national footprint of more than 22,500 pra.. Read more

Amazing Charts EHR

37 Reviews

Amazing Charts, a leading developer of Electronic Health Record, Practice Management and Medical Billing Systems for outpatient practices, was founded in 2001 by a practicing family physician. Ove.. Read more

Insight EMR and Billing by Clinicient Software

36 Reviews

Clincient gives you Insight, an EHR system specially designed for outpatient rehab. It covers a wide range of necessary features ranging from registering your patients to managing their billing. .. Read more

Greenway Health EHR

35 Reviews

Health IT company Greenway Health has been in this space for the past 30 years. It offers several options when it comes to electronic medical records ( EMR) such as Intergy, Prime Suite, and Success E.. Read more

NextGen Healthcare EHR

31 Reviews

NextGen, a healthcare solutions company that believes happy physicians make healthy patients, offers two EHR options; NextGen® Enterprise and NextGen® Office (formerly, MediTouch) to coordinate patien.. Read more

Chartlogic EHR

31 Reviews

Chartlogic, a subsidiary of Medsphere Systems Corporation, has been in the market since 1994. It is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. The vendor provides an ambulatory electronic health record sy.. Read more

Kareo EHR

30 Reviews

Kareo was founded in 2004 and has been in business for over 13 years. The solution is purpose-built to cater to the unique needs of independent small practices, avoiding the standard complicated, time.. Read more

Office Practicum Software

26 Reviews

OP is a leading EHR software specifically designed for pediatric practices. It was founded 25 years ago by a pediatrician and her husband. Over the years they have used inputs from leading pediatricia.. Read more

CareCloud EHR

22 Reviews

CareCloud Charts is a specialty-driven EHR that allows clinicians with in-depth customization, a central dashboard, and a clean user interface. The vendor currently supports nine specialties; cardiolo.. Read more

Nextech EHR

20 Reviews

Nextech specifically caters for specialties namely Ophthalmology, Plastic Surgery and Dermatology and can also be applied at a Medical Spa. It’s also listed as a preferred option for Ophthalmologists .. Read more

Modernizing Medicine EHR

20 Reviews

This award-winning EHR product provides specialty-specific software for:- Orthopedics- Plastic Surgery- Urology - Pain management- Dermatology- Ophthalmology- Otolaryngology- GastroenterologyThe .. Read more

Meditech EHR

20 Reviews

Meditech is a user-friendly EHR tool serving a diverse variety of medical health specialty practices. It offers great flexibility and adaptability allowing it to easily be applied in unique areas with.. Read more

AllegianceMD EHR

19 Reviews

Allegiance MD is an integrated EHR, practice management and a patient portal software that operates on all web browsers. You simply need an internet connection to be able to access it either on your d.. Read more

InSync PM & RCM

16 Reviews

Insync provides a cloud-based system to help manage practices. It’s also designed to assist with revenue cycle management. This product provides specialized features for specialties including behavior.. Read more

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Buyers Guide

The Vital Features that Make Audiology EMR Software Effective—How Does Yours Measure Up?

Yours is a unique niche and you deserve specially designed tools to get your work done. No, general software simply won’t do. Below we’ll prove it to you.

Since you’re not a software specialist but an audiologist, identifying what you really need could be challenging. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Below we’ll help you:

- Understand the purpose of modern EMR software

- Realize what you need from your EMR

- List the features you’re going to look for when you’re shopping for yours

It’s time to get the most from your practice, and the RIGHT kind of technology will help you get there.

Start With a Solid Foundation

The first step in the process of picking your EMR package is to make sure it’s designed around a standard set of guidelines:

- A user friendly interface which makes your implementation phase shorter because you & your staff won’t find it too daunting to switch to the new setup.

- Your service provider must provide excellent security for the data they host, as well as technical assistance to minimize downtime.

- Easy compatibility with other equipment and software already in use in your office.

- Not only helping with your billing, but scheduling too. Automated features such as sending out statements regularly will improve your cashflow.

- Providing a short, easy method to import or input data, so you spend less time on administration and more time with patients.

EMRs have become vital tools in running practices dynamically. When your bottom line improves you’ll know it’s a worthwhile investment to pick a quality product.