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Correctional Health EMR Software Buyers Guide

Last updated: February 07, 2023

With the establishment of medical facilities in prisons and correctional centers, medical professionals realized the need for Correctional Health EMR software. The purpose of this software is to address the specific health issues of prisoners in correctional facilities who are completing their sentences. Ideally speaking, a Correctional Health EHR Software needs to feature a robust interface with integrated pharmacies, labs, and diagnostic equipment to create treatment plans. This will enable healthcare professionals to provide medical treatment to prisoners and inmates without any worry or hassle. Furthermore, it can also expedite the overall efficiency of the practice.

Important Features in an EMR Software

Before purchasing any EMR software, there are a few considerations that you need to make prior to making your decision. These aspects define a ‘good’ quality EMR software from a ‘bad’ quality one.

User-friendly Navigation and Experience: A user-friendly interface can help you simplify tasks and actions for your staff and help them in increasing their productivity.

Integration: You should easily be able to integrate the EMR solution you select with your existing system, irrespective of the device you are working on.

Always Available for Support: When you are implementing a new digital solution, it is completely normal to run into problems. However, if you have strong support from your EMR software provider, you can easily overcome any problem you encounter during this process and afterward as well.

Before making any final decisions, it is always better to ask your provider for a Correctional Health EMR Software Demo. This will allow you to make sure if this software is the right one for your practice or not.

Features of Cardiology EMR Software

Now it’s time to talk about Correctional EMR software specifically. Before making any final decisions, make sure your Correctional EMR software contains the following features:

Integrated Workflow and Practice Management

With so many inmates and prisoners residing in a single facility, it can be rather hectic and tiring to deal with workflow management. However, with the use of Correctional EHR software, you can easily fast-pace your workflow with a significant reduction in cost. It is estimated that with the use of Correctional EMR software in prison and correctional facilities, the transport of inmates to specialty care will decrease by 71%. Apart from this, you can easily store, organize, and manage your patient’s data and thus making the administrator’s job a whole lot easier.

Integrated Billing and Coding

The Correctional EMR software should have a reliable solution for billing and coding. In correctional facilities, it is very common for inmates to file lawsuits against the healthcare delivery system. The use of billing and coding features enables healthcare professionals to substantiate patient care, which results in a speedy dismissal of frivolous lawsuits.

Pricing and Cost Management

Traditional enterprise EMR software charge extremely expensive installation fees and costly unexpected updates, along with licensing fees, and other hidden costs. In Correctional EMR, you need to make sure the software has low set-up costs and a predictable monthly or annual fee.

Security and Privacy

Security and patient privacy should be the principal priority for your EMR solution provider. For this purpose, it is important for your EMR software to guarantee HIPAA compliance and use advanced data encryption tools to safeguard patient records.

How to Select a Correctional EHR Vendor?

Now that you know what kind of features you need to look for, it’s time to discuss what type of correctional EHR software vendor you should select for your medical practice.

Vendor and Practice Size – Firstly, you need to understand which size of companies your vendor typically aims for. After that, you need to analyze the size of your practice as well. If you have a large facility, you wouldn’t want to select an EHR vendor that only deals with small practices. Typically, the vendors that cater to larger facilities have a high-cost correctional EMR solution.

Vendor Certification – This is probably the most important aspect before selecting an EMR vendor for your practice. You need to make sure your vendor is ONC-authorized testing and certification body (ONC-ATCB). Selecting a non-certified vendor will only bring you trouble and a nuisance to your practice.

System Design – This will probably depend on whether you want to install a Correctional EMR software on-site in your server, or use a cloud-based one. Although you’ll get more advantages with a cloud-based solution, it probably boils down to your personal preference. Whatever you choose, you’ll need to find an EMR vendor that provides the service you are looking for.

Even after making a final decision, you should use a Correctional EMR software demo to make sure it is exactly what you’re expecting.

What’s the Final Step?

After understanding the features and deciding upon a few potential vendors, you should compare the pricing plans of their Correctional EMR software. After you reach the vendor with all the services, features, support, and cost plans you are looking for, you can finally make the last step and move towards its implementation.