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Email Tracking Software Buyers Guide

Last updated: May 09, 2021

In the fast-paced world of businesses with so many activities competing for your customer's attention, you need to make sure your message gets across. Email tracking software gives you the ability to track when your Email is opened, delivered and clicked on.

Some enhanced Email tracking software even includes marketing campaign management as well as customer relationship management (CRM). Depending on what your business needs and business objectives are, aspects such as appointment scheduling & analytics can also be included.

Let’s assess what we should look out for in Email tracking software.

Key Factors To Consider

These are the important factors you should consider when deciding which Email tracking software to use:

- Price: Price sensitivity is an important factor to consider especially for small businesses. Competitively priced services that are affordable should be a top priority when picking a service provider. Less expensive doesn't mean inferior and more expensive doesn't equate to the superior offering. Find what suits your business needs.

- User-friendliness: Convenience ranks high when opting for any software. Ensure the software you select is user-friendly and easy to set up.

- Functionality: What are the basic functions this software will offer? That should be the primary question you ask before deciding on a service provider. The basic services should include tracking open rates and the delivery status of all sent Emails.

- Flexible integration: The software should be able to easily integrate with other software such as E-commerce platforms and social media networks.

- Communication: How diverse are the communication features in the software package? Does it allow you to sync calendars or schedule follow up tasks? If not, reconsider and find a software package that gives you multi-functionality to perform various tasks.

- Complete tracking: Make sure the software can follow through on all your Emails sent. It should be able to inform whether recipients downloaded the attachments and if the Email has been forwarded to others.

- Automated workflows: It should be able to automate workflows by delegating tasks to users and setting reminders on follow-ups.

- Reports: Ensure the software can report on different functions using detailed analytics and easy to understand formats.

Some Email Tracking Software On The Market

Finding the right software for your business can be challenging with so many products competing for your attention. The worst-case scenario could be purchasing software that doesn't fit your business needs and you’d be forced to start the process all over to find the ideal one.

Before deciding on any software program, let’s look at some of the top Email tracking software currently available.


This software allows you to schedule Emails and can easily integrate with your CRM’s as well as existing Email clients. It has impressive functionalities that combine Email marketing strategies and contact management.

Top features are:

- Allows you to customize templates

- It does automatic follow-ups of your campaign

- It's able to track all replies, clicks, and reports when your Email is opened

Pricing is based on the size of your contact list and can start at $55 up to $500 for businesses or individuals.



This software is a CRM and tracking service combined that can sync your calendar and function as a phone dialer. It also leverages against your contacts to offer valuable lead insights.

Top features include:

- It offers intelligent workflows

- It has sophisticated CRM customizations

- It has a flexible report dashboard

Pricing can start as low as $12 monthly or $49 per month depending on all the features you include in your service plan.



This software allows you to track Emails and has built-in analytics. It has a useful meeting scheduler and offers intuitive solutions to manage your activities better.

Top features are:

- It offers easy to use templates

- The forms can be customized

- It offers API for Ecommerce

Mailchimp offers a free entry-level package and more advance well-rounded solutions with prices starting at $10 per month up to $199 monthly.


Implementation Steps

Knowing the simple steps to implement an effective Email tracking solution will help you reach your business objectives faster. Here are the basic guidelines for a successful implementation process:

- Select the Email tracking software that has all the features you need for your business

- Ensure your tracking software can integrate with existing systems and software you’re running

- You can enable link tracking and presentation tracking if this is included in your service plan

- Recipients sometimes disable attachments to be opened, a notification will pop up to inform of the different movements of your Email

- Monitor which contacts aren’t receiving or clicking on your Emails and update your contact list with the correct target audience

- Remember personal information cannot be shared but it’s legal to track information

- Continuously measure and evaluate how effectively you're reaching your target audience

Pricing Plans

Most software programs are based on the total number of contacts and users that will be utilizing the software. Some decent Email tracking solutions offer free service plans for new entrants to the market.

Premium prices are levied for more comprehensive plans that have different functionalities and various features built-in. You decide how much you need and what price will suit your budget.


Emails have been a tried and tested tool for many years. It has the added benefit of being the most convenient online medium that reaches old and young consumers. Email tracking software makes it possible for you to know exactly what your potential customer has done with your Email.

It's a verified way of reaching your target audience. Several touchpoints allow you to assess how hot a lead is and the extent of engagement customers have with your content. It doesn’t matter which way you look at it: using Email tracking software increases your chances of a sale tremendously.

Let us know which Email tracking software you recommend and what makes it work so well for you.