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Healthcare Project Management Software Buyers Guide

Last updated: September 24, 2023

Over the years, the necessity of healthcare project management software in medical treatment settings has largely become an unavoidable, undisputed fact/observation.

Since the turn of the century, public and private therapeutic systems of all leanings, ranging from small-town, corner-street, clinics to national, multi-chain, hospital facilities have all been dealing with unprecedented surges in patient influx.

Rising, global population figures, increased transnational travels, and the rise of such novel, virulent disease strains as the (still ongoing) COVID-19 pandemic, have all compounded this trend – meaning that human organization, alone, even when backed by the sincerest intent, has been rendered practically incapable of dealing with any spikes in patient outbreaks.

The healthcare industry, dealing as it does with the ultra-sensitive concerns of human health and productive welfare, cannot afford any mistakes in its deployed systems. So, for healthcare organizations, implementing solid project management tool support is a must.

But with the avalanche of subscription options – both free and paid – available in the online marketplace today, how do non-techie clinical administrators and other staff secure the right platforms for their practice? Digital project management tools that provide the sweet-spot advantage of both cost-affordability and the highest number of desired, service-automating, software features for every spent buck.

Our answer to this conundrum is this buyer’s guide for healthcare project management (PM) software aspirants, where we’ve covered the following concerns:

What is Healthcare Project Management Software?

Healthcare project management software is any tool that:

Streamlines expedites and automates everyday strategic and tactical clinical workflows in a HIPAA-compliant (and other regulatory checks confirmed) formation to deliver high-quality care via direct ground medical professionals/healthcare management systems.

At their core, these task management tools are all about enablement for medical project managers and the greater healthcare sector.

Why does a modern-day healthcare organization need project management software?

We’ve already discussed the central, seminal, reason why strategic project management software implementation is vital to the success of our new-age healthcare industry.

The other, corollary, factors – many of them game-changers for contemporary medicine – that lend additional credence to the claim include such issues as:

Higher Patient Satisfaction Stats

The provision of quality patient care lies at the heart of every healthcare effort – it needn’t be said. But in working toward fulfillment, our traditional, primarily human-run, medical systems have often missed the mark in terms of engendering patient approval (on both objective and subjective counts) to how typical treatment journeys may have fared for them.

Based on the experience of many users (recounted in raving reviews on this and other software review platforms), healthcare projects that come with granular/good project management software support thrive much better on all reported feedback metrics.

PM tool aids, in a nutshell, allow busy clinicians to automate all repetitive documentation tasks that would earlier have taken a lot of their time; now made free for engaging in actual patient care.

Data Analytics for Services Improvement

In the old days, there used to be a lot of ‘normative arbitrariness’ in analyzing the functioning of healthcare teams. Clinical administrations were individually segregated in how they – minutely – chose to define success; criteria that were often at odds with how patients actually perceived their services.

This all changed with the widespread introduction and adoption of rigorous analytics functions in popular healthcare project management utilities.

Now, every patient encounter is narrowly mapped – via uninterrupted, second-by-second, data collection, sorting, and splicing (inclusive of unbiased, first-hand reports/surveys from patients; which can be anonymously offered) – to unearth aggregate care delivery trends. These insights help to guide future care strategies with a kind of scientific, systematic backing and allow medical software users to track project progress.

Treatment Accuracy/Integrity

Project management software geared for healthcare organizations does wonders in terms of ensuring the accuracy of all ongoing treatment regimens. This is done via the constant digital alignment of patient electronic medical records/histories and all prescribed treatment/medication protocols to ensure custom care deliveries (in line with the healthcare needs of individual patients).

The important concerns of HIPAA compliance and treatment congruence with other national/regional/signed medical codes are also covered here.

The Promise of Scale (for healthcare projects/project managers)

The best project management software allows a deploying healthcare setting to successfully implement complex projects at increasing scale while cutting down on overhead costs. Doing so, it doesn’t suffer from any technical glitches that might impede/adversely affect the clinical workflow; allowing the using physician to both save time and maintain the standard of care.

Since a large number of (particularly private sector) healthcare companies operational around the globe are predominantly oriented toward profit maximization, it makes sense for them to only consider project management tool options that facilitate vertical and horizontal expansion per their design attribute.

Multi-Level Facility Alignment

The post-Millenium crop of healthcare facilities all depend on robust inter-connectedness (via secure internet and other digital networks) for managing patients within given demographic/geographical settings. For this reason, they require top project management software assistance to foster a complete clinical ecosystem where all looped-in facilities have both constant and instant access to patient records and current health profiles for effective, timely treatments.

Common Features of Healthcare Project Management Software

Project management tools for healthcare all feature a range of functional and design traits that make them particularly useful for medical-practice work administration.

Overseen by skilled medical project managers, these utilities typically include:

Key Features of Most Healthcare Project Management Software

Task Management Features

  • Track Workflows/Patient Progress
  • Manage Task Dependencies/Workload Management for Multiple Projects
  • Document Management Protocols
  • Time-Tracking Capabilities 
  • Project Planning Tool Integration
  • Quick Project Snapshot Dashboard Visualizations (Gantt Charts, Kanban Boards, etc.)
  • Organizational Strategy Templates
  • Project Demands/To-do Lists
  • Project Template Checklists (Custom/Default)
  • Desktop and Mobile Apps Functionality
  • Complicated Project Breakdowns (Agile Workflows)
  • Patient Data/Clinical Data Analytics
  • HIPAA Compliance Checks
  • Local Spreadsheets Export

Resource Management Functions

  • Medical Resource Planning
  • Project Manager/Clinical Team Collaboration Tools (for Real-Time Worker Management/Project Teams Coordination)
  • Team Management (Rewards/Concerns Communications)
  • Onsite/Ambulatory Work Management
  • Remote/Multiple-Site Staff Coordination
  • Medical Inventory Management 
  • Medical Schedule Management

Financial Management Tools

  • Project Budgets/Financial Planning
  • Money Management Features (inc. not-stepping-out-of-line ‘Budget Guards’)
  • Project Costs Appraisals
  • Funds Disbursements (for individual/separate departmental projects)
  • Future Projects Budgeting
  • Native/Third-Party Accounting Software Integrations
  • High-level Organizational Oversight for Facility & External Stakeholders/Project Managers
  • Advanced Finance Reporting Capabilities

May be unavailable in some basic-subscription medical/healthcare project management software suites.

How to Pick the Right Healthcare Project Management Tool

We’ve made this process simple with our actionable, instant-results-giving, five-point criteria given below.

Here, assuming that you already have some medical/healthcare PM tool contenders in mind (otherwise, you’re recommended to start with our own picks listed in a section below), you simply need to make a mental tick against every feature requirement cue satisfied/fulfilled by your considered software. You can even break down or extend each framework pointer with sub-cues that explore different required product features in detail.

The platform with the most ticks wins.

Healthcare Project Management Software Evaluation List

  • Does the software work with your business size/user headcount?
  • What is its required level of tech expertise (only built for technical professionals)?
  • Is it easy to integrate/connect with other tools?
  • Does it fit your budget (expensive or cost-effective)?
  • Is it accessible (easy or difficult for non-techies to get started with)?

If there’s a tie between competing software, go to the tool’s comprehensive Software Finder review page (we’ve probably covered it – input the software name in our homepage search bar) to learn about your contenders in detail.

Click on the page’s ‘Watch Demo’ button for a quick, free screening of the software in action before committing, or the ‘Get Pricing’ button to see whether the tool meets your cost-effectiveness standards.

Healthcare Management Tools: Typical Pricing

Typical healthcare PM software pricing figures – exclusive, of course, of the free plan options – can fare along the following range:

$4/month per member to upward of $299/month (for unlimited users)

These are only ballpark figures, however.

To get accurate, custom, plan pricing details and recommendations based on your exact company size and requirements, check out our Project Management Software Pricing Guide for 2023.

Our Top 5 Healthcare Management Software Program Picks!

If you’re new to the healthcare management tools marketplace, there’s no better place to start considering your subscription options than our recommendations list here.

Software for healthcare is a confusing domain – and so it makes a lot of business sense to take stock of the intel provided by credible, critical review platforms to begin on the right footing.

So, without any further ado…our top five picks:

  • ClickUp
  • ClearPoint Strategy
  • Redbooth
  • OpenProject
  • Aha!

Let’s explore each of these in detail.

ClickUp Software

For healthcare sector workers, ClickUp software is probably one of the best market options for organizing any medical setting’s document management, time-tracking, budget planning, and all other workflow-related concerns in one place.


  • Free Plan (for beginners)
  • Unlimited: $5*/mo.
  • Business: $12*/mo.
  • Business Plus: $19*/mo.
  • Enterprise: Contact Our Helpline to Confirm Pricing (number above)

Ballpark figures; go to our ClickUp Software profile page and click ‘Get Pricing’ to obtain updated, custom pricing figures narrowly suited to your healthcare firm.


This web-/cloud-based SaaS powerhouse provides –

  • Customizable templates for healthcare projects (with editable fields for budget, dollars spent, remaining budget, and more)
  • State-of-the-art Gantt Charts (allow health workers to track time and monitor progress with a bird’s eye view of each process/project)
  • Task management functions (equipped with automatic data population and real-time updates; enable healthcare staff to create quick to-do lists to ensure they remain on top of the game!)


Pros Cons
Highly customizable project management templates (perfect for busy health workers) Limited integration options with third-party services
Intuitive, user-friendly interface (suited for non-techie physicians)
One-page, centralized document storage & collaboration (for uniform, concurrent, clinical workflows)

Dashboard View

ClearPoint Strategy

ClearPoint Strategy is an innovative project management software designed to help healthcare organizations streamline their strategy reporting process. With a platform subscription, medical teams can easily manage strategic plans, strategy maps, KPIs, objectives, measures, initiatives, and action items all in one place.


ClearPoint does not publicize its project management suite’s plan pricing details on its website.

Please go to our ClearPoint Software profile page and click ‘Get Pricing’ to obtain updated, custom pricing figures narrowly suited to your healthcare firm – based on our insider’s intel.


ClearPoint Strategy for healthcare workers offers a variety of project management features to help healthcare organizations improve patient outcomes and streamline operations - including the following:

  • Visualize Strategy (ClearPoint provides an intuitive platform to visualize strategy, enabling healthcare organizations to track progress easily and identify areas for improvement).
  • Organize Strategic Data (Using the platform, healthcare organizations can organize their strategic data in one place, allowing them to quickly access information and make informed decisions).
  • Track Performance (ClearPoint enables healthcare organizations to track performance against goals, helping them stay on track and achieve desired outcomes).


Pros Cons
Intuitive user interface A little expensive for small healthcare settings
Highly customizable
Detailed reports

Dashboard View

Redbooth Software

Redbooth is a web-based project management software designed to help healthcare professionals manage their projects and tasks more efficiently. It offers a range of features including task organization, communication tools, Gantt charts, and work management software. Redbooth also helps teams stay focused on high-priority tasks and projects, allowing them to complete their work faster and easier. 


  • 14-Day Trial Plan (for beginners)
  • Pro: $9*/user/mo.
  • Business: $15*/user/mo.
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact Our Helpline to Confirm Pricing (number above)

Ballpark figures; go to our RedboothSoftware profile page and click ‘Get Pricing’ to obtain updated, custom pricing figures narrowly suited to your clinical setup.


Redbooth makes for an excellent project management tool for healthcare workers, as it provides a range of features that make it easy to manage projects and tasks.

  • Task Management (Redbooth allows users to easily create and assign tasks, track progress, and set deadlines. This makes it easier for healthcare workers to stay organized and on top of their projects).
  • Collaboration (The platform’s collaboration tools allow healthcare workers to easily communicate with each other and share files in real-time). 
  • Integrations (Redbooth integrates with a variety of third-party applications, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Slack, making it easy for healthcare workers to access all the information they need in one place).


Pros Cons
Cost-Effective This can pose difficulties for different healthcare departments to come on board.
No complicated software concerns
Dedicated, responsive, customer support

Dashboard View


OpenProject is another web-based project management software designed to help healthcare teams efficiently plan, steer, and collaborate on projects. It offers features such as project planning and scheduling, product roadmap and release planning, task management, document management, time and cost reporting, issue tracking, and more. 

The platform, further, is an open-source solution with a focus on data security and privacy. It supports classic, agile as well as hybrid project management methods.


  • Free/Trial Plan (for beginners)
  • Basic: $7.25*/user/mo.
  • Professional: $13.50*/user/mo.
  • Premium: $19.50*/user/mo.
  • Corporate: Contact Our Helpline to Confirm Pricing (number above)

Ballpark figures; go to our OpenProject Software profile page and click ‘Get Pricing’ to obtain updated, custom pricing figures narrowly suited to your clinical landscape.


OpenProject is a powerful project management tool designed to help healthcare workers manage complex projects. Here are its top 3 features for medical director officials/administrators:

  • Task Management (OpenProject offers healthcare workers an easy-to-use task management system for tracking progress and delegating tasks to team members).
  • Gantt Charts (The platform provides a visual representation of project timelines, allowing healthcare workers to quickly identify potential issues and make adjustments as needed).
  • Team Collaboration (OpenProject's team collaboration tools allow healthcare workers to communicate with each other in real-time, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals).


Pros Cons
Budget-Friendly Resource management can be tricky
Stellar Customer Support Service
Suited to project manager portfolios

Dashboard View

Aha Software

Aha! software makes for a lightweight, cloud-based, project management software offer for healthcare firms. It continues to rank well in ‘best in class PM tool lists on various review platforms – including this one; a recommended, welcome addition to the workflow processing arsenal of any patient-centered enterprise.


  • Premium: $59*/user/mo.
  • Enterprise: $99*/user/mo.
  • Enterprise+: $149*/user/mo.

Ballpark figures; go to our Aha! Software Profile Page and click ‘Get Pricing’ to obtain updated, custom pricing figures narrowly suited to your treatment center.


Aha! Project management software features suited for healthcare managers include –

  • Start-to-Finish Project Tracking (allows PMs to monitor their complete clinical workflows and budget spending; for addressing any weak links)
  • Real-Time Team/Stakeholder Collaborations (to address team and client feedback/reviews instantly – proceed accordingly)
  • Powerful Reporting (for constant healthcare practice KPIs/metrics monitoring)


Pros Cons
Engaging/Interactive Project Roadmap Views May be expensive for smaller projects
Stellar Customizations - for clinicians/health workers
Easy Onboarding

Dashboard View

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is a project management tool in healthcare?

In healthcare settings, PM tools – such as the ones listed on this page – allow busy medical practice staff (including administrators) to ideate, execute, and monitor their daily clinical workflows with unprecedented, bottom-line-shoring, efficiency.

Q. What is the best project management style for healthcare?

Agile styles of workflow management make for the most popular – and recommended – styles of project management in healthcare. These working orientations are amenable to constant feedback and improvement, as well as strategic, timely, and pivoting.

Q. What is the most common project management process used in healthcare?

The waterfall methodology is a widely used approach in healthcare project management with a linear and sequential process resembling the flow of a waterfall. The methodology comprises several phases, with each phase awaiting completion before starting a new one.

Q. Which software model is best for hospital management systems? 

Agile models of software implementation make for the best approach in healthcare settings.

Q. Why is project management needed in healthcare?

Project management is essential for healthcare organizations to improve operations and achieve their goals. It helps mitigate the risk of litigation that looms over every treatment venture, as well as provides a framework to control costs and ensure projects are completed on time and within budget. It also makes it possible to keep all stakeholders informed throughout the process, allowing for better communication between teams and departments.

With project management, healthcare settings can better manage resources, track progress, and ensure successful outcomes.

A Final Note

As healthcare workers busy with patient care, we know that sifting through all the software options available in the online marketplace can be endlessly challenging and confusing.

That’s ok (normal) – and we’re here to help.

Just get in touch with our friendly helpline executives for quick, free, and painless project management software recommendations for your practice at (661) 384-7070.

We’ll take care of everything – get you subscribed to your perfect software fit in no time!