Pediatrics EHR Software Reviews, Features, Pricing & Comparison

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Pediatrics EHR Software

Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide for Paediatric EHR — Your Quick Reference

There’s no question the technology available to today’s professionals can enhance almost any industry’s functioning. But one thing is often forgotten: Relevancy.

Just because a certain tool, app or software program works for one industry, doesn’t mean it will have the same impact for yours. For optimum efficacy—which means the best ROI, most time saved and streamlined processes—it’s bests to invest in tech designed for your niche. 

Will it be more expensive? Perhaps. Will you regret your investment? Definitely not.

Yes, the EHR (Electronic Health Record) software market is filled with options and some of them are truly impressive. But a paediatrician or paediatrics practice needs a unique set of guidelines when shopping for this technology. 

You want administration to become more effective but less time consuming, right? We compiled the most important features that make this possible. 

Step 1: General Features All EHR Packages Should Have

No matter which product a sales representative promotes, it must first adhere to the basic EHR requirements. Even specially designed pediatric EHR software will quickly become more of a burden than a blessing if you can’t describe it in these ways:

  • User-friendly and intuitive so staff can quickly adjust to using it
  • Easy to integrate with other software
  • Excellent security such as cloud based systems
  • Competitive pricing while providing high quality products, effective training and preferably 24/7 customer service
  • ICD-10 appropriate (updated from ICD-9 data)
  • Customizable forms and templates

If your preferred product ticks all these boxes, move onto the next decision making process.


How Exactly Do You Work?

Don’t assume a new billing company will 

Step 2: Pediatric Specific Features Your EHR Must Have

Working with children adds logistical, legal and security challenges to the mix. Can your service provider ensure easy management relating to all these aspects?


When you’re a pediatrician your patients change all the time. One simple example is that they grow constantly. Your software platform must allow you to change data as needed to provide you with a correct view of the patient’s facts. 

Needless to say, make sure it’s not only possible, but easy to make these changes. You need fast, effective procedures. 

Flexibility also applies to your workflow. Does it facilitate:

  • Short notice appointments
  • The rapid turnover often associated with pediatric clinics
  • High volume of patients


Unique Privacy and Security Requirements

Laws regarding storage of children’s personal data are quite strict. Does the software enable you to easily adhere to these laws? One challenge is separating data based on permission levels of different role players, as well as privacy requirements for different ages etc.

Does your EHR make this easy to manage?

Procedure Tracking 

What’s better than managing a child’s required medical procedures (such as immunizations) so everything happens right on schedule? This enables optimal functioning. Of course, this requires intensive management skills and can be time consuming; unless you have state of the art EHR on your side.

Many pediatric software packages can track immunizations which minimizes manual work for pediatricians and their staff. Here’s one better. State of the art software can:

  • Communicate with parents to remind them of the necessary procedure
  • Obtain authorization from parents 
  • Keep logs of the procedures which include where procedure is done, the substance’s lot number and if the child showed any reaction

EHR software isn’t only designed to make life easier for physicians. It enables more effective healthcare by keeping all vital information—that affect your choices in future—in one place. 

Relevant Forms and Templates

You know you’ll get requests for:

  • Consent forms
  • Referral letters
  • Forms documenting physicals

With a proper EHR in place you don’t have to waste precious time on creating or signing forms anymore; use templates. 

These should once again be flexible to cater for different situations. A day-care physical will differ from a sports check up. An advanced Pediatrics EMR will make it effortless to customize the forms.

Unique Family Data Capturing

Patient care rarely involves the child only. Usually you’ll need to document parents’ details and perhaps there are two or more siblings you treat. Your software must allow for easy data entry no matter the family dynamics and structures.

It becomes more complicated if you also treat some adult members. Your system must allow you to link relevant profiles, add social environments and allocated appropriate billing options for each patient.

Child Specific Development Charts

A prime responsibility of pediatricians is to monitor children’s growth and development. This is made much easier if your EHR software has automated digital features:

  • Growth metrics for your reference
  • Charts with age based normal ranges to refer to during examinations
  • Ideal vital sign measurements for different age groups
  • Incorporating ethnic or geographic factors into metrics and charts

Apart from showing ideal conditions, the EHR should then allow easy entry of patients’ measurements.

Relevant Education Options

EHR isn’t only a record keeping system. It also serves as a tool to educate the public. When working with children and their parents, your data must include:

  • Information related to the family’s children’s ages
  • Facts relevant for both children and parents to grasp

Step 3: Does it Align With CPOE Requirements?

The CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry) system is an effective tool to help prevent subscription errors. This feature can form part of your pediatrics software. In a pediatrics setup the CPOE guidelines—such as what constitutes a dangerous dosage—must be appropriate to children. 


The importance of these facts is clear when you realize the AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) took the time to release a ‘Model Pediatric EHR Format. This clearly states what the basic requirements are. Is your practice up to par yet?

When you pick the right EHR software your days are more effective since you have less manual administration to do. You’ll also have an accurate record of all your actions, which makes EHR much more an asset than an expense. Will you pay a little more to get more peace of mind now?