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Project Management Software for Architects Buyers Guide

Last updated: September 26, 2023

Nowadays, it’s a no-brainer that project management for architects – like for most other new-age professionals – requires intelligent software automation.

Work tasks are simply too complex and numerous (sometimes, insanely so) for the mere human in any one of us to manage manually. And for architects, not getting their business workflows done right is:

  • Wasteful (of their time),
  • Unprofessionally telling (paying customers will obviously judge), and,
  • Clearly dangerous!

As a client-affectee, you wouldn’t want to speed your car every day over a bridge designed by an overworked engineer, right?

Architectural project management software takes away a lot of the working pain from this equation.

It allows architecture and engineering firms to focus on the actual ‘drawing of the buildings’ part; leaving the rest to the machine. And replacing messy Excel spreadsheets – it’s worth mentioning.

A great insurance policy against any disasters ever taking root: a necessary risk-minimizer.

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know to narrow in on the best architecture project management software for your firm – covering such basics as:

We want you to walk away with a solid, beginner’s, understanding of the subject, so you can subscribe to the best architecture project management software available for your buck.

And as we’ve said in some of our other guides, we don’t want you to be swindled into getting stuck with a project management tool/deal you’d rather want to avoid like the plague!

What is Architecture Project Management Software?

So, first things first.

It’s important to start off by clearing the air on this issue because a lot of architecture newbies tend to mix these things up.

Project management software, simply, is a larger tools category, whereas architecture project management software is any program dedicated to its namesake (meaning that it is only meant for streamlining the work in architecture firms).

Technically, you could work with the best project management software (general-purpose) available to get the job done – sure. But, you would be missing out on some great features, covered below, that could really 10X your architectural projects; get some nuanced work done quicker than you would otherwise.

And the best part?

Some of these tools come designed – in their nitty – by a number of leading architects themselves. So, if you’re a field peer (beginner or old-timer), you could really hit the ground running if you signed up for one.

Also, it’s important to know that all project management software apps (including architecture software) use time-tracking as their fundamental unit/feature of measurement. Every other functionality, typically, is based on the ability of the program to monitor what project progress is being made across a range of benchmarks.

Why Should Architecture Firms Invest in Project Management Software?

We’ve already mentioned that the best project management software is a stress buster for busy architectural project managers. Also, these tools are legit work accuracy/project safety guarantors.

PM for Lone Wolfs

There’s a growing trend in architectural business circles of many field specialists going about their work in solo settings.

The rise of the gig economy, for one (courtesy of the COVID pandemic), has incentivized many certified professionals in the space to offer their services outside of the traditional ‘architectural firms’ framework. This way, they get to pocket all of the earnings and boost their individual market profiles in one go.

A handy project management software, here, can work wonders for the lone wolf by automating a lot of the project work that would otherwise require other skilled hands on deck. The same benefit, as can be reasoned, applies to an architecture firm looking to cut its overheads.

PM for Architectural Firms

For the latter, another advantage of having a robust project management tool in the house is what is termed the ‘monitoring/appraisal advantage’. In this sense, even the most basic management software for architects enables project overseers to ensure everyone on the team works to their full potential/in line with the requirements of their job description.

In architecture, like in most other domains that concern the safety of individuals, there are a number of national statutory regulations as well as field best practices (such as the building code regulations proposed by the UIA – the International Union of Architects) that practitioners need to adhere to.

Staying Clear of Architectural Code Violations

A resounding perk of architecture project management software – you know where this is going – is that it allows architects to stay clear of any code violations on this front (without requiring them to double-check everything along the way; waste precious time). And the busier the firm, the more pressing/vital comes this background assurance.

It’s on account of all these reasons and more that we don’t feel it a stretch to state that proper project management software use is essential to the success of architectural projects of all stripes.

You don’t want to move ahead – or too prominently – without one if you’re serious about scaling your architectural firm (and doing good on your long-term customer relationship management/netting more clients).

What are Some Features Common to Most Architecture Project Management Software?

As you may have figured out by now, all project management software tools (whether specifically designed for architecture or not), at their core, are similarly geared:

To facilitate individual users or teams to manage projects via streamlining project planning, monitoring project progress analytics, fixing project budget tariffs and breaking complex projects into their simpler components – through agile and other deconstructive methodologies – to expedite the entire process toward efficient deliveries.

Makes for a neat, all-encompassing, definition, right?
Now, management software for architects is a little different.
Perhaps it’s best to understand the little distinctions (which are actually quite huge in their scope/effect!) here in this way:

Features Common to Most Project Management Software

Task Management Features

  • Track Progress
  • Manage Task Dependencies/Workload Management
  • Document Management Protocols
  • Time-Tracking Capabilities
  • Project Planning Tool Integration
  • Quick Project Snapshot Dashboard Visualizations (Gantt Charts, Kanban Boards, etc.)
  • Project Demands/To-do Lists
  • Project Template Checklists (Custom/Default)
  • Desktop and Mobile Apps Functionality
  • Complicated Projects Breakdown (Agile Workflows)

Resource Management Functions

  • Resource Planning
  • Team Collaboration Tools (for Real-Time Worker Management)
  • Team Management (Rewards/Concerns Communications)
  • Onsite Work Management
  • Remote/Multiple-Site Resource Coordination

Financial Management Tools

  • Project Budget/Financial Planning
  • Money Management Features (inc. not-stepping-out-of-line ‘Budget Guards’)
  • Project Costs Appraisals
  • Funds Disbursements (for individual/separate projects)
  • VC (Venture Capitalist) Software Integrations
  • Future Projects Budgeting
  • Native/Third-Party Accounting Software Integrations

Now, here’s a listing of the project planning features that make management software for architects unique.

Features Exclusive to Project Management Software for Architects

Real-Time & Remote Consulting

  • For one-to-one/conference architect(s)-client project consultancy

Architectural Building Codes/Regulations Check

  • Updated for the latest international, national, and local/state regulatory frameworks
  • Prompt Violation Alerts (for timely resolutions/available on mobile devices

Architectural Consortium/Directory Connects

  • Enables architects/engineers to consult or interact with industry peers

Custom Field Reports/Visualizations

  • Architecture-customized Gantt Charts & Task Management Reports
  • Complete Workflow (‘all the tasks’) Appraisals for Architecture Projects – from the ideation stage to audits of finished construction projects

Automated Syncs with Engineering Project Teams

  • Maintain real-time/time-lagged syncs with construction engineers and other allied professionals for managing projects concurrently/one-page project management tasks execution

Easy Learning Curve

  • This may seem something obvious, but of all project management software applications, platform friendliness – in terms of easy, quick workplace implementation – makes for a vital design attribute for any architectural project management solution. The same cannot, often, be said for many project management tools operational on other domains; many of which are challenging to get around/work with.

Knowing these things, it’s a safe bet to assume that most professional architecture settings would only do well with project management tools narrowly suited to their demanding work obligations.

Subscribing to just about any PM software product deal without determining if it matches your requirements could be a bad call – even putting you on the road toward an all-around hemorrhage!

How Do You Pick The Best Project Management Software For Your Architectural Firm/Work?

Well, we’ve tried – and mostly succeeded (our readers say the ‘framework works!’) – to develop five-point criteria to help you make this judgment.

All you need to do:

Just weigh/put a mental (or not) tick for your chosen tool against each of these basic architecture project manager software design benchmarks.

And it’s best if you shortlist your top five subscription contenders; put each of them either individually or collectively to this test. We’ve compiled a list of our own contenders for the top-five architecture project management software ranking a few sections down; they’ll make a really good point for you to start your analyses.

The software with the most checks – in a truly democratic fashion – wins (our recommendation for you to go ahead with to the next stage; with the steps listed below the following list).

Architecture Project Management Software Evaluation List

  • Does the software work with your business size/user headcount?
  • What is its required level of tech expertise (only built for technical professionals)?
  • Is it easy to integrate/connect with other tools?
  • Does it fit your budget (expensive or cost-effective)?
  • Is it accessible (easy or difficult for nontechies to get started with)?

Next, you need to narrow your choice to one project management software from the lot. Head on over to its product profile page – use our search bar above – to book a demo or get pricing  (accurate, updated, custom plan figures for your workplace) so you can get subscribed quickly.

And that’s all there is to it.

What is Architecture Project Management Software Pricing like?

Securing decent project management software for architectural firms on a budget isn’t a problem. There are literally dozens of choices available – starting with some of the mentions on this page – that you could go for.

For beginners, there are always free plan versions offered by a number of vendors in the space, such as ClickUp, Teamwork, and

If you’re looking to up your architectural project management process a little, however (make use of some advanced features), a paid subscription from each of these brands or others would be better.

In the paid category, you can expect to spend anywhere from:

$4/month per member to upward of $299/month (for unlimited users)

These are only ballpark figures, however.

To get accurate, custom, plan pricing details and recommendations based on your exact company size and requirements, check out our Project Management Software Pricing Guide for 2023.

Project Management for Architects: Our Top 5 Software Picks!

Now, the best project management software for architects shouldn’t just offer such staple features as project document management, resource planning, time tracking, resource management, and customer invoicing/billing.

It should go ahead of the curve and provide solid customizations.

An overarching option to configure the system in line with the deploying architectural firm’s existing and expected workflows; allowing architects, engineers, and other construction specialists to efficiently manage their work process loops.

In our assessment, the following five architecture project management tools do a grand job on all these counts – and more.

As such, we strongly recommend that you consider each of them for your firm; since they come with the lowest levels of setting-up pain as well as great customer service.

And without any further, starting with our favorite project management software for architects, and onward – the list:

  • ClickUp
  • Monograph
  • BQE Core
  • Monday
  • Aha!

Let’s explore their basics.

ClickUp Software

For architects, ClickUp is probably one of the best market options for organizing a firm’s document management, time-tracking, and another team, resource, and workflow-related concerns in one place.


  • Free Plan (for beginners)

  • Unlimited: $5*/mo.

  • Business: $12*/mo.

  • Business Plus: $19*/mo.

  • Enterprise: Contact Our Helpline to Confirm Pricing (number above)

* Ballpark figures; go to our ClickUp Software and click ‘Get Pricing’ to obtain updated, custom pricing figures narrowly suited to your architectural firm.


This web-/cloud-based SaaS powerhouse provides –

  • Customizable templates for construction & design projects (with editable fields for budget, dollars spent, remaining budget, and more)
  • State-of-the-art Gantt Charts (allowing architects to track time and monitor their project progress with a bird’s eye view of each process)
  • Task management functions (equipped with automatic data population and real-time updates; enable architects to create quick to-do lists to ensure their on top of the game!)

and more to fire up any construction firm’s workflow.




Highly customizable project management templates (perfect for busy architects)

One-page, centralized document storage & collaboration (for uniform, concurrent firm workflows)


Intuitive, user-friendly interface (suited for non-techie construction engineers)

Limited integration options with third-party services

Dashboard View

Monograph Software

Monograph is a cloud-based project management software designed specifically for busy architects and engineers. It offers a complete solution for managing tasks, tracking time, and invoicing clients - all the while ensuring that the implementing firm's profitability and service quality comes assured in the process.


  • Starting offer of $40*/mo.

* Ballpark figure; go to our Monograph Software and click ‘Get Pricing’ to obtain updated, custom pricing figures narrowly suited to your architectural firm.


This web-based subscription essential for architectural projects comes with –

  • The proprietary Monograph integration (for time-tracking and expense monitoring)
  • A dedicated project planner (a must-have for architectural project managers looking for an all-in-one budgeting, resource planning, and worker/task scheduling portal)
  • Budget calculator (eases planning for contingencies in numbers)




Built by Architects/Construction Specialists for their field peers

Project visualizations/dashboards are limited

Stellar Team Collaboration Tools

Staying-within-budget Protection

Dashboard View

BQE Core Software

With BQE Core, a holistic project management solution for construction professionals, architects, and engineers can easily track time, assign tasks, and generate an 'Earned Value Report' which accurately compares budgeted versus completed billable work. As a result, they are able to strategize their projects with greater efficiency while amplifying their goal achievement rates.


  • Starting at $7.95* per user per month

* Ballpark figure; go to our BQE Core and click ‘Get Pricing’ to obtain updated, custom pricing figures narrowly suited to your architectural firm.


BQE Core is designed to automate every repetitive workflow process – with a view to ensuring higher rates of deliverable turnovers and less time wasted on managing software entries. The platforms –

  • Agile Dashboards (equipped for one-page task/process/workflow appraisals; ideal for labored architects looking for a quick overview of their ongoing work concerns)
  • Project Profitability Checks (train architectural project managers into thinking like business owners; ensuring efficient and timely resource allocations, via an accounting software plug-in, for the best budgetary utilization)
  • Interactive Gantt Charts (enable instant course corrections/pivots through real-time monitoring of vital construction project metrics)

features, among other functions, virtually guarantee architectural contract success for critically intensive construction undertakings.




Deemed ‘very user-friendly’ by using architects

A bit expensive compared to alternative subscriptions; onboarding difficulties.

Real-time, cloud-based, collaborations – glitch-free!

Real-time Data-Tracking

Dashboard View Software

Monday project management software pretty much checks all – or, at least, most – the workflow planning/execution boxes for practically every industry vertical, including architecture. The platform’s user interface, for one, coupled with extreme ‘performing power’, makes it a force to reckon with in just about any workspace.


  • Free (starter-friendly)

  • Basic: $8*/seat/mo.

  • Standard: $10*/seat/mo.

  • Pro: $16*/seat/mo.

  • Enterprise: Contact Our Helpline to Confirm Pricing (number above)

* Ballpark figures; go to our Software and click ‘Get Pricing’ to obtain updated, custom pricing figures narrowly suited to your architectural firm.

Features project management software for architects comes with an enviable range of workflow streamlining perks including:

  • Uniform Projects/Tasks Management (enables architects to manage projects/oversee workflows from one dashboard view)
  • Client Collaborations (ensure that team workers and project workflows are all aligned with changing client expectations – a vital service feature for construction professionals)
  • Worker/Client Requests Management (allows managing architects to receive and resolve their teams’/clients’ requisitions in record time!)




Easy, crisp, interface; excellent for non-techies/busy architects to hit the ground running

Customer Service Lags

Calendar integrations – ensure timely workflow processing

Cost-Competitive; Affordable

Dashboard View

Aha! Software

Aha! makes for a lightweight, cloud-based, project management software offer for architectural firms. It continues to rank well in ‘best in class PM tool lists on various review platforms – including this one; a recommended, welcome addition to the workflow processing arsenal of any construction enterprise.


  • Premium: $59*/user/mo.

  • Enterprise: $99*/user/mo.

  • Enterprise+: $149*/user/mo.

* Ballpark figures; go to our Aha! Software and click ‘Get Pricing’ to obtain updated, custom pricing figures narrowly suited to your architectural firm.


Aha! Project management software features suited for architectural professionals/settings include –

  • Start-to-Finish Project Tracking (allows senior architects to monitor their complete firm workflows and budget spending; for addressing any weak links)
  • Real-Time Team/Stakeholder Collaborations (to address team and client feedback/reviews instantly – proceed accordingly)
  • Powerful Reporting (for constant architectural KPIs/metrics monitoring)




Engaging/Interactive Project Roadmap Views

May be expensive for smaller firms

Stellar Customizations - for architects/engineers

Easy Onboarding

Dashboard View

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What software should architects use?

Perhaps the best software option/subscription choice for busy architects looking to streamline their individual or employing firm’s workflows is a solid project management application. Here, a web-/cloud-based, SaaS, offer narrowly tailored for architectural, engineering, or construction-setting workflows – with a monthly or annual subscription deal – is ideal.

What does an architectural project manager do?

An architectural project manager is a work coordinator charged with ensuring that architectural/construction teams are aligned on one page in terms of their work strategies and executions; moving toward the end of satisfying contracting client requirements. Solid architectural project management software can help team leaders achieve all these goals – and actualize more.

How do you manage multiple architecture projects?

The proper way to do this is by deploying robust architectural project management software in your practice, which will help you automate the bulk of repetitive workflow tasks to focus on actual client deliverables.

Can an architect do project management?

Yes – any architect can engage in effective project management via suitable software support.

What software do architects use for plans?

Architects commonly use CAD software applications – often part of architectural project management suites – for drafting building plans and construction blueprints.

Our Advice On Getting Started!

As a newbie architect (or even as a field old-timer), we know that sifting through all the software options available in the online marketplace can be endlessly challenging and confusing.

That’s ok (normal) – and we’re here to help.

Just get in touch with our friendly helpline executives for quick, free, and painless project management software recommendations for your practice at (661) 384-7070.

We’ll take care of everything – get you subscribed to your perfect software fit in no time.