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Project Management Software For Engineering Buyers Guide

Last updated: September 26, 2023

As B2B software reviewers, we continue to receive our fair share of reading horror stories of construction jobs gone wrong where engineering project management software was missing from the equation. 

Many of these efforts reportedly ended up in failure – which is a grand shame. Especially when the market, nowadays, comes flooded with a wealth of project management tools (including free version promotions) that could easily have saved the day. 

We figure that with engineering professionals, there’s either a lack of vision or a solid understanding of the options available at play here. Something we hope to remedy with this guide.

Because – believe it or not (and your risk with the latter) – a robust project management software for engineers pays its weight in more than just gold. The literal dividends of scale/high ROIs on offer are pretty hard to dismiss; especially when stellar work automation coupled with guaranteed, packing profits are staring at you right in the face!

So, engineering projects can’t do without dedicated software help – got it?

But, then, how do you locate the right PM tool for your work?

Well, that’s exactly what we discuss here.

What is engineering project management software?

Engineering project management tools, for the most part, are all-purpose management software applications fitted with workflow modules/templates designed for engineering firms. 

According to market research organization Fact.MR, the global engineering services space is currently (circa 2023) valued in excess of USD 700 billion. So, it makes a lot of business sense for the developers of these platforms to extend their products in this direction – because the demand is clearly there.

Now, project management software for engineers does differ from a standard PM tool offer in a few, key ways:

●    They lend more focus on facilitating engineering team communication and tracking project progress (via specialized Gantt Charts, Kanban Boards, and other high-level task management visualization frames).

●    They allow project managers to more narrowly track time, assign tasks, and monitor task dependencies/budgets (for 10x-ing the work processes/performance of engineering teams and all resource management concerns; solid billing or invoicing tools to ensure effective expense tracking).

●    They contain ‘all in one platform’ customizations for succeeding in complex engineering projects (blending both traditional and agile project management approaches to cater to all kinds of workflows characteristic of both short- and long-term engineering projects, as well as contracts that entail overseeing multiple projects).

So, for a project management solution to work well in engineering settings, it has to come loaded with these basic feature prerequisites.

Why should engineering firms invest in dedicated project management software?

We’ve already touched on the increasing (and only expected to grow necessity) of software automation in engineering team/firm settings to manage inflated workloads.
The ‘fail-safe against human/qualitative errors’ advantage
One common issue that has perennially bugged engineers of all stripes has been what field insiders call the ‘balancing act’:

Maintaining a high rate of deliverables output alongside sound engineering quality (product integrity)

Or, in plain language, ensuring that engineering projects stay clear of any human errors – as much of them as can be avoided. 

Project management software helps by relegating a lot of the repetitive work to computers. This lets engineers focus more on the quality assurance of their project pursuits; from seeing that the designs/blueprints are all done right to working on feedback against the finished product.

Many field analysts, it’s no surprise, squarely attribute the overwhelming number of new construction and product development projects in all industry verticals to these digital management tools over the last decade.

Project management tools are guarantors of scale
Another pressing reason why concerned organizations need to invest in management software for engineering is to deal with the problem of scale. 

There are few organizations in the world that don’t exist to grow and attain monetary benefit in some respect. And the bulk of engineering projects set up in various companies is certainly not (primarily) in it for philanthropic fulfillment.

So, competitive growth is very much on everyone’s commercial agenda; something that makes specialized software implementation vital. The rabid, cutthroat, nature of contemporary industry practically leaves no other option.

Current trends in tangible (goods) and non-tangible (software) engineering, in fact, call for large-scale adoption of task management tools equipped to track multiple projects – simultaneously – as a matter of organizational survival!

Common features of engineering project management software

Project management software for engineering features can generally be lumped into five representative categories – each with many ‘mini functions’ that comprise them (in terms of software development).

We’ve detailed the specs as follows:

Key Features of (Most) Project Management Software for Engineering

Visual Project Status Oversight + Team Communications

  • Track Engineering Projects Progress
  • Create sturdy project plans with Gantt Charts, Kanban Boards, and other popular visualization tools to see the complete project flow from start to finish.
  • Manage tasks with resource accountability tools to ensure project requirements are met throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Real-Time visibility/Real-Time Reporting via Custom Dashboards 
  • Rapid/Real-Time Team Communications for Instant Project Plan Pivots/Strategy Changes
  • Secure File-Sharing for Team/Stakeholder Communication

Projects Quality Assurance 

  • Powerful bug-tracking checks to manage projects with QA assurance
  • Track progress of project successes/setbacks 
  • Ensure repeatable processes are set up to save time in/for future executions
  • Accounting software integrations to manage given project budgets

Projects Time-Tracking 

  • Tracking timelines to plan projects within documented templates/frameworks of success – for both short- and long-term projects.
  • To-Do lists, which allow users to attach files imported from other programs; ensuring projects stay connected.

Resource/Work Management

  • Guarantee efficient utilization of engineering team resources for timely project completions/minimal wastage as well as same-page executions.


  • In-built functions for reporting project progress via a range of native and third-party mediums

How do you pick the best project management software for your engineering practice?

And now to the actionable scoop.

If you intend to use project management software for your engineering firm or individual practice, weigh your chosen tool against our probing five-point criteria framework (making a mental tick for each feature available).

If you’re not familiar with the range of software options in the space, just scroll through the products listed at the top of this page. Better yet, consider our top five picks – detailed in a section below.

Engineering Project Management Software Evaluation List 

  • Does the software work with your business size/user headcount?
  • What is its required level of tech expertise (only built for technical professionals)?
  • Is it easy to integrate/connect with other tools?
  • Does it fit your budget (expensive or cost-effective)?
  • Is it accessible (easy or difficult for non-techies to get started with)?

If you’re evaluating more than one engineering project management software, then sum the number of ticks. The tool with the highest score is your clear winner: our recommendation for going ahead with the subscription.

For the next step, you want to head over to our software review page for your chosen program. Here, click the prominent ‘Watch Demo’ to see the application in action, or ‘Get Pricing’ to get updated, custom subscription pricing figures for your firm/practice.

You may even be able to get a free trial for your shortlisted software – get in touch with our friendly helpline reps (number on top of the page) for a quick, no-cost, consultation on this. 

What is engineering project management software pricing like?

In a lot of ways, this depends on your practice requirements.

Are you a startup engineering firm with basic workflow streamlining needs?
Consider beginning your project management journey with the free plan versions offered by such notables as Asana,, and Teamwork.

Are you a mid-sized to enterprise-level engineering department set up?
You’ll need to strongly consider a paid version if that’s the case – with their wealth of customizable templates, Gantt Chart views, and other desirables designed to get your project up and (competitively) running.

For a quick, ballpark, pricing reference:

Product offerings begin at $5/month per member to upward of $350 /month (for unlimited users)

To get accurate, custom, plan pricing details and recommendations based on your exact company size and requirements, check out our Project Management Software Pricing Guide for 2023.

Project Management for Engineers: Our Top 5 Software Picks!

Based on our legion of analyzed reviews, we’ve concluded that the following five engineering project management software picks should totally be on your radar.

●    ClickUp
●    Monograph
●    BQE Core
●    Monday
●    Aha!

Clickup Software

For engineers, ClickUp is probably one of the most acclaimed market options for organizing a firm’s document management, time-tracking, resource, and workflow-related affairs in one place. 


●    Free Plan (for beginners)
●    Unlimited: $5*/mo.
●    Business: $12*/mo.
●    Business Plus: $19*/mo.
●    Enterprise: Contact Our Helpline to Confirm Pricing (number above)

* Ballpark figures; go to our ClickUp Software and click ‘Get Pricing’ to obtain updated, custom pricing figures narrowly suited to your engineering firm.


This web-/cloud-based SaaS powerhouse provides –

●    Customizable templates for engineering & design projects (with editable fields for budget, dollars spent, remaining budget, and more)
●    State-of-the-art Gantt Charts (allowing engineers to track time and monitor their project progress with a bird’s eye view of each process)
●    Task management functions (equipped with automatic data population and real-time updates; enable engineering professionals to create quick to-do lists to ensure their on top of the game!)


Pros Cons
Highly customizable project management templates (perfect for busy engineers) Limited integration options with third-party services
Intuitive, user-friendly interface (suited for non-techie construction/design engineers
One-page, centralized document storage & collaboration (for uniform, concurrent firm workflows)

Dashboard View

Monograph Software

Monograph is a cloud-based project management software designed specifically for busy architects and construction engineers. It offers a complete solution for managing tasks, tracking time, and invoicing clients - all the while ensuring that the implementing firm's profitability and service quality comes assured in the process.


●    Starting offer of $40*/mo.

* Ballpark figure; go to our Monograph Software and click ‘Get Pricing’ to obtain updated, custom pricing figures narrowly suited to your engineering firm.


This web-based subscription essential for architectural/engineering projects comes with –

●    The proprietary MoneyGantt integration (for time-tracking and expense monitoring)
●    A dedicated project planner (a must-have for project managers looking for an all-in-one budgeting, resource planning, and worker/task scheduling portal)
●    Budget calculator (eases planning for contingencies in numbers)


Pros Cons
Built by Architects/Construction Specialists for their field peers Project visualizations/dashboards are limited
Stellar Team Collaboration Tools
Staying-within-budget Protection

Dashboard View

BQE Core Software

With BQE Core, a holistic project management solution for construction professionals, engineers can easily track time, assign tasks, and generate an 'Earned Value Report' which accurately compares budgeted versus completed billable work. As a result, they are able to strategize their projects with greater efficiency while amplifying their goal achievement rates.


●    Starting at $7.95* per user per month

* Ballpark figure; go to our BQE Core Software and click ‘Get Pricing’ to obtain updated, custom pricing figures narrowly suited to your engineering firm.


BQE Core is designed to automate every repetitive workflow process – with a view to ensuring higher rates of deliverable turnovers and less time wasted on managing software entries. The platforms –

●    Agile Dashboards (equipped for one-page task/process/workflow appraisals; ideal for labored engineers looking for a quick overview of their ongoing work concerns)
●    Project Profitability Checks (train engineering project managers into thinking like business owners; ensuring efficient and timely resource allocations, via an accounting software plug-in, for the best budgetary utilization)
●    Interactive Gantt Charts (enable instant course corrections/pivots through real-time monitoring of vital construction/design project metrics)

features, among other functions, virtually guarantee engineering contracts’ success for critically intensive product development undertakings.


Pros Cons
Deemed ‘very user-friendly’ by using engineers A bit expensive compared to alternative subscriptions; onboarding difficulties.
Real-time, cloud-based, collaborations – glitch-free!
Real-time Data-Tracking

Dashboard View

Monday Software

Monday project management software pretty much checks all – or, at least, most of – the workflow planning/execution boxes for practically every industry vertical, including engineering. The platform’s user interface, for one, coupled with extreme ‘performing power’, makes it a force to reckon with in just about any workspace.


●    Free (starter-friendly)
●    Basic: $8*/seat/mo.
●    Standard: $10*/seat/mo.
●    Pro: $16*/seat/mo.
●    Enterprise: Contact Our Helpline to Confirm Pricing (number above)

* Ballpark figures; go to our Software and click ‘Get Pricing’ to obtain updated, custom pricing figures narrowly suited to your engineering firm.

Features project management software for engineers comes with an enviable range of workflow streamlining perks including –

●    Uniform Projects/Tasks Management (enables engineers to manage projects/oversee workflows from one dashboard view) 
●    Client Collaborations (ensure that team workers and project workflows are all aligned with changing client expectations – a vital service feature for construction professionals)
●    Worker/Client Requests Management (allows managing engineers to receive and resolve their teams’/clients’ requisitions in record time!)


Pros Cons
Easy, crisp, interface; excellent for non-techies/busy engineers to hit the ground running Customer Service Lags
Calendar integrations – ensure timely workflow processing
Cost-Competitive; Affordable

Dashboard View

Aha! Software

Aha! makes for a lightweight, cloud-based, project management software offer for engineering firms of all leanings. It continues to rank well in ‘best in class’ PM tool lists on various review platforms – including this one; a recommended, welcome addition to the workflow processing arsenal of any construction/design enterprise.


●    Premium: $59*/user/mo.
●    Enterprise: $99*/user/mo.
●    Enterprise+: $149*/user/mo.

* Ballpark figures; go to our Aha! Software and click ‘Get Pricing’ to obtain updated, custom pricing figures narrowly suited to your engineering firm.


Aha! Project management software features suited for engineering professionals/settings include –

●    Start-to-Finish Project Tracking (allows senior engineers to monitor their complete firm workflows and budget spending; for addressing any weak links)
●    Real-Time Team/Stakeholder Collaborations (to address team and client feedback/reviews instantly – proceed accordingly)
●    Powerful Reporting (for constant engineering department KPIs/metrics monitoring)


Pros Cons
Engaging/Interactive Project Roadmap Views May be expensive for smaller firms
Stellar Customizations - for architects/engineers
Easy Onboarding


Dashboard View

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Why do engineers need project management software?

Engineers, whether engaged in tangible design projects or more abstract/theoretical undertakings, are typically faced with a deluge of unidirectional and conflicting tasks in the workplace. To make sense of this workflow abundance, they are forced – now more than ever – to rely on software automation tools (such as project management software) to get their jobs done, with a view to meeting set project expectations. 

Q. What is engineering project management?

Engineering project management is the art and science (mediated by suitable software) of streamlining process workflows in engineering undertakings to achieve set objectives/goals. It makes for a well-paying professional occupation; especially necessitated for organizations looking to steer clear of any quality assurance violations.

Q. What are planning tools in engineering management?

Engineering management software applications come pre-built with powerful workflow management/planning tools that allow project overseers to strategize and execute developmental sprints with 360-degree visibility; ensuring optimal resource utilization and team/company objectives fulfillment.

Q. Is engineering management the same as project management?

Project management, as an overarching workflow streamlining discipline/occupation, entails engineering project management as one of its many productive offshoots.

Q. Which is Better: Engineering Management or Project Management?

In terms of occupational suitability (both an objective and case-by-case normative consideration), this totally depends on the interests/mindset of the questioner. Project management, in general, is a well-paying vocation; and so is engineering management (with its own set of specialized tools).

Our Advice On Getting Started!

We know that sifting through the avalanche of engineering project management software programs on offer – both here and elsewhere – can be a huge pain!

So, here’s our solution (sincere offer of help):

Just get in touch with our friendly helpline executives for quick, free, and painless project management software recommendations for your practice at (661) 384-7070.

We’ll take care of everything – get you subscribed to your perfect software fit in no time!