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Buyers Guide

Make Behavioral Health More Effective—You and Your EMR

You’re helping people overcome very trying conditions and now there is software that can help you overcome the trying aspects of being a behavioural specialist.

Have you found the ideal EMR for your behavioral health practice yet?

While EMRs have been around for a while, not all specialists have enjoyed their benefits. Perhaps you’re using a general EMR software product since that was all that was available a few years ago. Yes, it may help manage some aspects of your practice. But what if it can help with more?

That’s what you’ll experience and benefit from if you invest in an EMR that’s designed with psychologists, psychiatrists and similar professionals in mind. Each feature will relate to what you face on a daily basis, making it easier to implement and enjoy streamlined workflows.

Sound like a good idea to upgrade? Here’s how you find the perfect program for you.

Questions Before You Start Shopping

When facing a representative from a vendor, these questions will help you gauge if it’s worth considering:

- Does it provide you with billing as well as scheduling modules? You need your software to help with ICD coding on claims to minimize errors and speed up processes. This leads to fewer claims getting rejected.

- Does it suit your size practice? Don’t pay for features your small entity won’t use. Also don’t keep on doing tasks manually if there’s an EMR that can help you automate it.

- Is there enough security and support? You need guarantees on cyber security and if something does go wrong you need their technicians to sort it out fast. You can discuss hosting the data on your premises if you have servers available.

- How user friendly and compatible is it? You need you and your staff to feel comfortable using it from the get go. Also, it has to integrate with existing programs or equipment in your office.

If you’re satisfied with the answers, move on to the next step of making sure it’s focused on helping mental health providers.

EMR Features a Behavioral Health Professional Will Benefit From

You’ll quickly recognize how these features will boost how much you get done every day and improve the level of care you provide. Each minute you save and each distraction you prevent will help you focus more on your patients.

Interaction is Key

It goes without saying that patients feel more comfortable when they receive treatment in less clinical settings. In your niche you need patients to relax, feel comfortable and engage. How else will they share about their private lives?

Something as simple as enhanced communication can help create this patient friendly environment. Therefore your behavioral health EHR software should support SMS sending, email to patients and sharing of information. When patient records’ details can easily be utilized for these actions, engaging with clients will happen more often, because it’s effortless for you and your staff.

Managing Medication

Medication isn’t part of all behavioral health professionals’ tasks, which emphasizes the importance of finding a product that fits with your specific niche.

If prescriptions do fall under your list of activities you can look forward to a streamlined, safer and less time consuming process. Instead of physically writing them, your EMR software can facilitate an e-prescribing process. Repeat prescriptions are super easy to manage as the system will alert you when it’s necessary.

Some EMRs can also help monitor your prescriptions and alert you to possible side effects based on patients’ details or drug interaction that could be harmful. This proves the importance of having all aspects of your practice work together as well as how far software development has come.

When tech helps you monitor your decisions you can relax more, regain focus and concentrate on the patient in front of you.


Workflow Optimized

This is a primary reason many professionals invest in niche specific EMRs. When your software provides you with templates and workflows pertaining to your area of expertise it cuts down on the time you normally use for documenting details of a visit.

The layout should contain menus, information and options relating to the conditions you treat each day. This makes it quick and easy to record data you gleaned during a consultation.

When you save time here, you have more time for your patients.

Personalized Approach

You know it seems very impersonal when you start taking notes while someone is sharing their life story with you. But notes are imperative to what you do for patients.

With a high end Behavioral Health EMR this problem is averted:

- Take notes by simply clicking on a screen, in appropriate blocks on layouts designed for this niche.

- Add voice notes or dictated files to a patient’s file directly after a consultation. This won’t take long, so you’ll be ready for the next appointment in no time.

- Retrieve previous notes quickly to remind yourself of the current patient’s details.

Instead of tech making healthcare more clinical, it can make it extremely personal.

Vast Integration

Apart from your EMR integrating with features in your office, you also need to stay connected to other role players. You’re probably part of a network that provides the high quality care your patients need:

- Laboratories

- Other experts you confer with

- Specialists you may refer a patient to

Keep paperwork to a minimum and let your EMR manage these interactions. Lab results must be received and added to patient records easily. When you do a referral or want to share patient records, it’s secure and quick to do it via a EMR; But it only works if your program is compatible with others in the field.

Know the Difference

During your search for behavioral health EHR software you may come across the term ‘therapy software’. While there’s nothing wrong with this technology, know that it’s more appropriate for smaller and solo practices; It provides only basic functionality, but can still be effective in the right environment.


It’s time you spend less time on administration and solving office problems—Rather spend that time on your patients. So, vet the available products and enjoy the results.