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Obgyn EHR Software Buyers Guide

Last updated: May 15, 2021

An Easy Reference to Find the Perfect Solution

Pregnancies and everything related with it are exciting times in women’s lives. However, there are also many challenges, a lot of stress and of course a few risks. For an OB-GYN part of your purpose is to make the journey a little easier for your patients. That’s partly why you need to invest in a quality EHR.

The right electronic health record software will streamline your workflow and save you & your staff a lot of time. It can even help you perform some tasks more effectively. But if that’s your goal you don’t need general EHR software you need a specialized product from a service provider that knows your niche. Your field has unique challenges and the ideal program will help you manage the responsibilities & your patients more effectively. 

Luckily, with OB-GYN being one of the biggest markets in the medical industry, you’ll find quite a few EHR products to select from. To help you vet the software you’ll come across, we’ll list the features you need to look for. 

What Your OBGYN EHR Needs

Looking After Women of All Ages

A pregnant patient will go through many changes and you have to track each step. The right software will help you do this effectively which ordinary EHR can’t do. You must be able to easily monitor each stage of a pregnancy. 

Apart from pregnancies you’ll also attend to many other female concerns. Your EHR software must provide an infrastructure to chart, monitor and educate on all these matters, such as (but not limited to):

  • Menopause
  • Postpartum depression
  • STD screening
  • Breast cancer
  • Incontinence
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Infections
  • Gynaecologic oncology

The OBGYN field is vast and the technology you pick must be able to help you treat all conditions you’ll face. 

Looking After Babies

Unlike most medical experts you’ll often have a second life to monitor, apart from your patient’s. The technology at your disposal must allow you to chart details about the baby too. This applies to before and even after birth.

His or her progress must be charted and your software must provide an easy way to do this, such as storing data on:

  • Ultrasound results
  • Blood pressure
  • Foetal heart rate
  • Glucose levels

If you invest in a state of the art option your software will even alert you if data suggests there’s a possible problem that requires action.

Integrated Workflow

You’ll enjoy a streamlined workflow when your EHR software can integrate with equipment you use regularly, such as an ultrasound machine. The latest technology can use raw data from various sources and help with:

  • Basic tasks such as calculating gestational age
  • Tracking progress of the baby’s development
  • Identifying risks based on given data

Expert Scheduling

One thing that helps keep mothers healthy is attending regular check ups and tests. The minute something seems out of place you can take action. But that means scheduling a lot of appointments, not only with the OB-GYN practice but other professionals too, such as an ultrasound technician. An ideal OB-GYN EHR can automate some of these scheduling procedures.

Templates That Work

Templates play a central role in whether an EHR system is worth your investment. For OB-GYN practices you need layouts that cater for a wide range of notes, results and charting:

  • Sexual health
  • Reproductive health
  • Obstetrics

Invest in a product that has these templates ready, so you don’t waste time customizing them. 

Medics EHR & PM By Advanced Data Systems Corporations

Usable Reporting

Your patients will eventually go to the hospital, visit a birthing center or see other medical professionals. Your EHR reports should be acceptable to these institutions so it can be integrated into their medical records. 

Relevant Information and Educational Material

A quality EHR provides both you and your patients with necessary information:

You may need information such as genetic abnormalities. With information on hand you can make quick diagnosis and decisions. It also helps provide parents with accurate information.

Your tasks often include educating patients on important matters of the unique journey of being pregnant. When you EHR contains educational information it becomes an easy process. The system may have standard documents which you can print out or email to mothers at appropriate times during the pregnancy, concerning a certain trimester or step in the baby’s development. It’s also important that the infrastructure allows you to note what has been communicated. Have proof of what you’ve already done so you don’t accidentally forget to share vital information. 

An EHR system isn’t simply for administration: It can be a source of knowledge that makes the journey easier for both doctor and patient. 

General Tips

Certain guidelines apply to all EHR products. You need to keep these features in mind as well, as they’re characteristics of quality options:

User-friendly layouts that all your staff can quickly get used to.

Easily integrated with your other software programs.

Up to date with ICD-10 codes if you want to use this program to streamline your administration, billing and claims. Remember that there are codes specific to your niche, so make sure this is included in your chosen software. 

Practice Fusion

Supported by Excellent Customer Service

Reputable servers so your data won’t get lost and you won’t suffer much downtime.

A scalable option you can make relevant to your practice’s activities and employee size.

Important Tip: Your practice functions differently than others. You may not need all OB-GYN EHR features mentioned here. If you don’t, there’s no reason you should pay for it. Make sure the EHR you pick works for you and makes budget sense too.


With the luxury of many product options, put time, and effort into finding the perfect solution. When you see how it minimizes the time you and staff members spend on administration it will be worth it. Your patients need your full attention—technology can carry some of the load so you become an even better OB-GYN in the future.